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by Isha Sol

Isha Sol

I just came to the belated realization that I shared my sex life (or lack thereof) to a whole lot of people. It’s making me so shy now. But now that it’s out that I’ve never had sex, it definitely doesn’t mean that I haven’t fantasized about what my first time would be like. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be an impromptu thing, and until it happens, I’ve actually been collecting songs to make something like a “sex playlist.”

A friend recently told me about 8-tracks and how there are sex/porn playlists on it we can easily use, but I told her I’ve already been preparing my own personal playlist. She had a good laugh at my enthusiasm. “What kind of songs would you listen to during sex?” she asked me.

It took me a while to figure out the answer. The songs wouldn’t necessarily have to be about sex, I guess, although if they were, they would certainly put me in the right mood. I’ve heard songs being played in amateur porn videos, and they always sound so random. So it probably also depends on the kind of songs we like to listen to on any occasion. For me, I listen to a whole lot of Korean hip-hop and loud dance songs, mainstream or otherwise. So here’s part of my list, in no particular order.

1. LeeSSang – Turn off the TV

You probably wouldn’t be able to read subtitles during sex, but I love this song. It has a calm, soothing sound and it always makes me smile. It’s basically a song about a man who is so taken by his girl’s beauty he just wants to turn off the TV and have sex, but the girl’s like, “Nah, must we really?” I love how LeeSSang makes the sex thing so subtle and makes the song sound so innocent. It’s so cute and really sweet! Definitely appropriate for slow, gentle lovemaking sessions.

2. John Legend – Made to Love

There is no way John Legend wouldn’t be on this list. First, he’s a very sexy man. Also, he sings about sex A LOT. I’ve been obsessed about him these days.

3. Rihanna – Skin

Rihanna obviously made this song just for people to have sex to, and nothing else. You see, I’ve always imagined the night starting with me doing a striptease for my man, making him want me, desire me, making him hard just by looking at me. This would probably be the perfect soundtrack for that.

4. TOP – Turn it Up

Don’t need subtitles, don’t want subtitles. This is personal because I’ve actually been a die-hard fan of this man for about 5 years now, so if someone’s going to be sleeping with me then he better understand that I want to fucking fuck to this song. Fuck. TOP oozes sex appeal, even with full suits on and all that guyliner. But if you want to know, he’s rapping/singing about seduction, luxury and himself! *Faints*

5. Gary Clark Jr. – Bright Lights

I don’t know. I mean, it just turns you on, doesn’t it?

From the tiny island of Singapore, Isha Sol loves men, sex, and all things funny. When she’s not reading or watching shows, she’s spazzing over those CockyBoys. Follow her on Twitter here: @shasol_

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