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by Cilantro C. Guevara

Jake Jaxson‘s mysterious and highly personal new miniseries, Answered Prayers, premiered on CockyBoys last month to an uproarious response. Everyone seemed to have something to say about the film. Whether those opinions concerned the look and feel of it, the political overtones, the overarching plot, or the moral of the story, “The Banker” caused people to talk about porn in ways they never had before.

One thing everyone seemed to agree upon about Answered Prayers was that it definitely broke ground as a new form of storytelling not easy to pin down after just one viewing. There are certain elements in the film — some more overt than others — that seem to tell stories within themselves. These elements are whispered into our ears like secrets or shown as subliminal messages, and sometimes we only catch bits and pieces of them. But we’re completely engaged in whatever the hell is happening to our senses, and provoked to uncover the rest of these secrets ourselves.

The first part of Answered Prayers that is now live on CockyBoys, The Banker, is packed with hidden messages. We invite you to watch and re-watch the film — if not for the steaming hot sex sequence between Ricky Roman and Jake Bass then definitely for the dozens of references and secret meanings buried within the subtext. To help get you started, we’re revealing 8 of these hidden messages and look forward to hearing your own interpretations in the future.

Oh yeah, Jake Jaxson has also been teasing fans for MONTHS in advance with seemingly random and meandering Answered Prayers clues. But if you have a keen eye for detail and a good memory, you’ll know by this point that many of these clues have already revealed themselves in the film. Just head over to Jake’s Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter feeds to view these clues and soon you’ll be able to connect the dots too. Our expert detective crew has found 8 connections so far, and we invite our fans to try and piece together more!

1. An opening quote with a double-edged meaning.

The quote at the beginning of the film is a reference to director Jake Jaxson’s blog post in which he announced terminating the contract of CockyBoys model Jett Black last summer. The post touches on issues of misplaced trust and the act of using someone for personal benefits. With Ricky Roman playing a banker partially responsible for a national economic crisis, it’s impossible not to draw parallels between the story and Jake Jaxson’s reality. The meaning of the quote itself also applies, with uncertainty portrayed as an emotion that’s not necessarily harmful but still regarded with fear. The news clip montage that follows the quote is an example — the fear and expression in the reporters’ voices anchoring far-fetched stories like fire tornadoes, blood rivers, and spiders raining from the sky seems too wacky to actually be true. But unfortunately, every one of these stories can be found online with a quick Google search, ending with one of the wildest stories of them all…

2. A worldwide apocalypse that’s actually happening.

For the past two years, people have been reporting strange sounds coming from the sky. These sounds literally all sound like the gates of hell are opening from the clouds, and people are freaking out about the world ending. With some of the YouTube clips garnering over 2 million views (and many of the clips admitted hoaxes), the most fascinating thing about the whole conspiracy is how scared people become over the unexplained. Without being overtly harmful, these “strange sounds” are giving people a reason to be afraid if they’re actively looking for one. A very strange cultural phenomenon that mocks society’s obsession with the search for answers.

3. The Illuminati is real.

The Illuminati is a secret society with many conspiracy theories surrounding it. The general idea is that this society plants secret agents in the government, in corporations, and even Hollywood to change public opinion and establish a New World Order. The Illuminati is often symbolically represented by an eyeball inside of a pyramid, which you have probably seen on the back of a US 1-dollar bill (but that’s another story). Here it’s referenced in the credits next to an historic (but lesser-known) speech made by George H.W. Bush exactly ten years before the September 11th attacks in 2001.

4. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world.

There are a few quick shots of the banker entering a room marked 101 in his most fearful state. Room 101 is actually from George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel 1984, where a prisoner is subjected to his or her greatest fear or phobia inside. An interesting anecdote is that Orwell actually based it on a conference room at the BBC where he’d often sit through tedious meetings, which says something interesting about the torturous fusion of art, entertainment, and big corporations.

5. Several US presidents were part of a secret society rumored to have performed human sacrifice.

One of the more obscure messages in Answered Prayers is a reference to a secret society called the Bohemian Club. The Bohemian Club’s members are an elite group of artists, journalists, big business entrepeneurs, and government officials including Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. Meetings are held in an isolated location in the woods near San Francisco (known as Bohemian Grove), and are so secretive that fences and police barricade anyone from gaining access. The official symbol is an owl and the motto is, “Weaving spiders come not here” — also the official motto of Answered Prayers! While nobody knows for sure who is a member, all government figures seem to know about it… especially Bill Clinton who talks like a robot and shares the same initials. Meetings at the Bohemian Club often last for weeks and include a ceremony known as the “Cremation of Care” in which a character named Jinks (played by Jake Bass) slays the spirit Care in front of a 40-foot owl statue named Moloch (played by Max Carter). Allen Ginsberg also referenced Moloch in his famous poem Howl. There’s also several conspiracies (supported by video evidence) of human sacrifice being performed at these meetings.

6. The number of the beast.

At the end of this first film, we are officially introduced to the counterpart of Jinks, an entity named Malic. Is he good or bad? Well the fact that he is walking in to a corporate New York City building with a 666 address can’t be a good sign. In case you didn’t know, 666 is known as the Number of the Beast in the Book of Revelations that references the End Times. It was also the address of Ronald Reagan’s Bel-Air estate in Los Angeles.

7. Several other US presidents were a part of a secret society at Yale called Skull and Bones.

Skulls and crossbones are widely used to represent many college fraternities and sororities, the figurative “training wheels” of bigger conspiratorial secret societies. You may have also seen skulls recurring throughout Answered Prayers as reference. Interesting anecdote: in 2002, a man named Richard McCaslin attempted to infiltrate a Bohemian Club meeting wearing a skull mask and armed with a rifle, a sword, a crossbow, and a bomb launcher. He was sent to prison and paroled in 2008. Three years later, he showed up at a location where Barack Obama was speaking and accused the future president of being a reptoid alien.

8. Not all secret society boys have bad judgment.

Purple is the color of the shirt Jinks wears, a color representing good judgment and spiritual fulfillment. Jinks also anoints the banker with a purple ribbon at the end of his journey. Even though he’s going to prison for abusing the trust of many innocent people, there’s always hope to come to terms with who you are and to make peace with yourself.

    Very interesting. Some of these I clearly got, but the other are very clever. Thanks for sharing this.

    December 16th, 2013 11:04 pm

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