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by Miss Martine

Miss Martine over at FoxyGirlsBlog is at the helm of the Cockyboys fan ship, and every week puts together a ‘Cocky Week in Review’, gathering up all that weeks events and activities of the Cockyboys family and putting them into a very entertaining blog post. Here’s a snippit of her latest below, and you can check out the whole post here!


What a week! I think I say this each time I begin our Cockyboys week in review, but each time there is so much news to cover that it seems we hardly could have fit it all into seven days, let alone one small blog post. And yet here we are, on another Sunday evening, looking back at everything our boys have been up to. Let’s start with the holiday relaxation of Memorial Day Monday, when Jake Jaxson captured this idyllic image of Ricky RomanLevi Karter and Jake Bass enjoying the hammock at the CB estate. They deserved a little down time after all the Grabby’s excitement! Benny Morecockspent some relaxing time fishing too – and being the kind soul he is, put the fish he caught back. We heardDuncan Black‘s amusing account of his dildo startling an airport security worker, and Bravo Delta‘s Grabbys summary, revealing some of his wild adventures of the weekend. And Levi, glad to be back in the city, visited the Empire State Building on JJ’s behalf.

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