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by Quin


We’d like to take a moment to say cheers to a fellow Cockyboys blog, Foxygirls! This week Foxygirls announced a special holiday Cockyboys competition that will have you in a festive, creative and sexy mood all at once. Just like their previous contests, including a Guess That Cocky Quote and Foxy Fan Art¬†competitions, the Cocktails and Cockyboys contest offers great prizes and even features a panel of VIP judges. The goal: create a cocktail that represents your favorite Cockyboy. The result: among other prizes to be announced, the first prize winner will have their recipe¬†declared as the official cocktail¬†of that Cockyboy! We’ll drink to that!

For all this and further details, check out the full Foxygirls contest post. Good luck, bottoms up!

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