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by Nick Swallow

…and I think you can surmise what happens next.

The ol’ locker room fantasy never gets old. How many hot guys have you seen at your local locker room, just wishing you could see what’s underneath that towel? Criss, for instance, is a perfect example. With his rock-hard body, jock attitude and hot tattoos— he just screams locker room fun. As you spy him across the steam room, you wonder to yourself, Is he gay or straight? And as you oh-so subtley brush up against him in the locker room, you fantasize about how big his tool is, how the head would feel against your tongue, whether he gets fucked or fucks (and you selflessly proclaim to yourself that even though you’re not normally a bottom [or top], you’ll gladly make an exception in his case). Well, the magic of adult entertainment let’s you fulfill those fantasies (well…. somewhat).

Watch the CockyBoys Hockey Jock, Criss, right here:

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