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by Nick Swallow

Ricky Roman is a sexy young thang with an uber sharp style- which translates into some snazzy cuts that look fresh from a GQ cover shoot. I took a quick stroll down memory lane to see how his look has changed over the past year-ish…


Here we have classic teen rebellion hair. A lot of us dyed our hair when we were young as a way of standing out / experimenting with our identity / pissing off our parents, and it probably achieved all three. It speaks of Ricky’s growing confidence and leads on to…


Simple sophistication. This up-do screams ‘I’m a confident porn actor and not afraid to show it’. It’s neat, with minimal prep time (I’m imagining two minutes with a hairdryer, a blob of wax the size of a cum shot and everything’s sorted) and it gives him a fresh, professional-hipster kinda vibe. Loving it.


Here we have the previous styles shorter companion. Less length makes him look younger, which can’t be a bad thing, but it doesn’t have the WOW factor of a big hair-wave strutting atop his head. Still cute though.



Here we have Ricky enjoying some downtime on the set of Answered Prayers. Who do you think he’s texting? Anyway, he’s sporting a shiny, gelled back look that is channeling the worst of 90’s Wall St bravado. Thankfully it’s all part of his character, as over-gelled hair flatters¬†NOBODY.



Ricky posted this latest, swept to the side incarnation of his locks on Twitter recently. Combined with that sexy-ass stubble, it’s a relaxed, carefree but still carefully conceived look. If we could only convince him to wear a ruffle everywhere he went he’d resemble a hot scribe from Elizabethan times, travelling the world and impressing fair maidens at every port with his wind-sock foreskin trick.


Which brings us to present day Ricky, here posing with Chris Harder and Kinky Cody.This is my favorite hair-do he’s ever did. It’s like a puppy curled up on his head, but a stylish puppy, maybe a Puggle, and it simply looks divine. Modern, retro, flattering, hipster- it covers them and leaves a tip. Bravo Ricky, bravo.¬†



    Love this!!! Thanks for putting this together Nick! :)

    ~Princess Jen~
    January 17th, 2014 5:05 pm

    I fangirled over that hair in the last photo for a week! My favorite Ricky hair to date!

    January 17th, 2014 5:40 pm

    The new hair is very James Dean, and I don’t mean the porn star!

    January 17th, 2014 5:59 pm

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