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by Nick Swallow

That’s one big tattoo you got recently across your chest- tell us about the experience- how much did it hurt, how’d you choose it and how long did it take? I wanted to treat myself for my 22nd birthday this past November. I’m not gonna play Johnny Tuffnuts for you….that shit hurt! When my tattoo artist, Dawn of Twelve Tattoos in Groton CT, was detailing the feathers on my rib cage I was squirming and wincing the entire time. The sternum where you see the head of the falcon was particularly a bitch, felt like she was tattooing my soul!

At one point I thought to my self, shit I’m gonna have half a bird on my chest..I don’t think I’m gonna make it through this. After 5 hours of fun I am very pleased to show off my chest piece. The inspiration for my new ink may be attributed to pop princess Rihanna. When I saw her chest piece I thought damn that shit is tough…I need it! I had my artist come up with a custom piece that would resemble Riri’s however I wanted mine to emote a sense of masculinity. Just to clarify her tattoo is the Egyptian god Isis. Mine is the Egyptian god Horus. In his left claw he is armed with 3 arrows and his right claw clutches cannabis flowers. Meaning I’m ready to throw down but also to blow down depending on my mood. The banner depicted below the falcon reads “take me as I am” which speaks for itself!


You’ve been at Berlin nightclub a lot recently at the Cockyboys events that Chris Harder runs there- tell us the fun things you’ve got up to there! I have been there quite frequently! It’s a great venue in which to “turn up” on a Friday night. Each week our very own Gogo Harder comes up with new and fun themes for us to take part in for example last time I was there we had a shadow dance party with Cazwell on the 1s & 2s, it was a voyeuristic fun house.


If you had to bottom for one porn star in the world tomorrow, who would you choose it to be and why? If I had to take it in the ass from any porn star tomorrow I would prefer it to be Sean Zevran. He is a fine specimen and I think our sex could be something to revel.


What was your favorite scene to work on in 2013? My favorite scene I worked on in 2014 would have to be Answered Prayers: The Banker. I don’t know if you haven’t heard already Jake Bass & I have explosive chemistry on camera. The fact that I got to work on a project of this caliber with my friend elated me.

The process was much like The Haunting in that the story did not quite reveal itself during production but was still a blast to make then seeing the final outcome from the other side of the camera always gives me a was an adventure from start to finish for sure and I’m grateful to be a part of a studio that produces quality visual stimulation.


    Loved it.. Love Ricky!

    Lisa FanFicCrazy
    January 29th, 2014 6:45 pm

    There’s so much to love about Ricky Roman. He’s smart and funny and his personality is addicting. So happy to see he’s such a success in the business and is having a lot of fun doing it.

    January 29th, 2014 9:29 pm

    Awesome Ricky. And that tat is awesome in person. Loved it babe

    February 4th, 2014 7:46 pm

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