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by Nick Swallow

Max Carter is the blond haired, ab-rippling twink that hit Cockyboys in 2014 with a KA-POW! In that time he’s been dominated by Delta Bravo, gyrated by Gabriel Clark and thrust into by Ty Roderick. I managed to pin him down myself (literally) 2 minutes for a super-quick chat…


Do blonds really have more fun?
Well being blonde doesn’t really make being a gay boy better. Being a blonde doesn’t make me have more fun, I’d say it makes me stand out more than other boys.

I believe you’re dating Kyle Ross- does porn create any relationship issues?
Yes I’m dating him, and no he actually likes to watch my scenes.


Which Cockyboy did you enjoy getting fucked by most in 2013?
My fave model to work with was Gabriel Clark.

What do you get up to when you’re not filming?
I live in San Diego, you can usually catch me at one of the beaches with my puppy jake. A Typical week in my life is mostly behind the scene work or I’m at the beach.


What Cockyboy are you looking forward to working with in 2014? Any porn star crushes?
I’m lookin forward to my scene with Pierre Fitch, and my crush is Kevin Warhol!!

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