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by Quin


If Cockyboys were superheroes, their latest threesome scene would have the following superhero porn profile:

Jack Rayder. Petite brunet with smooth, pale skin and an easy smile. His porn powers include sensual kissing, being the middle of the sandwich, and taking three loads of cum on his chest at one time.

Lukas Grande. Quiet, shy blond with full red lips and a surfer’s build. His porn powers include talking dirty, fucking hard and sharing his boyfriend Jack with another hot guy.

Levi Karter. Dark, dynamic, Cockyboys pro (both in front of the camera and directing what’s on it). Porn powers used in this scene: sucking a dick all the way down to the base, versatility and flexibility, and that boundless sexual energy for which he is so well known.

Multiply all these combined powers by each other, and the result is an intense three-way explosion. Kapow!

It can be much trickier than you might think to pull off a successful threesome. There are more bodies than usual to take into consideration, more mouths to kiss, hips to grab, dicks to suck. It takes a certain amount of intuition for things to go smoothly – a good vibe between all the partners, and paying attention to the cues. It takes a special three people. And that is what you get from Levi, Lukas and Jack. It isn’t the first threesome for any of the guys, but it is the first time for the three of them together, so they spend a little time getting to know each other before getting physical. And by the time they start to kiss and touch each other, they are more than ready for action.


This is when you see the magic begin. Levi can’t wait to get his mouth on Jack’s dick, Jack and Lukas take a moment to make out while Levi is doing his thing, and Lukas clearly loves seeing his boyfriend get sucked off. Jack and Lukas, an established, confident couple, are clearly excited at the chance to try something new, and just watching Levi take his turns with each of them gets them excited. One of the best perks of a threesome is the watching – seeing what you can’t see when you’re the one participating, and seeing what it might look like when you’re the one fucking him (or getting fucked). It’s fucking hot. Jack and Lukas totally take advantage of this perk, encouraging each other to fuck Levi and get fucked by him, egging each other on. Levi responds with great interest, paying plenty of attention to both of his partners, and happily giving and receiving. And of course he shows off his legendary blow jobs, going down on Jack not once but twice and taking that dick all the way into his mouth.

Going back to our superhero metaphor… This scene wouldn’t be complete without our heroes saving the day! Or in this case, getting off. Once both bottoms have been fucked (Jack and Levi), both Levi and Lukas have topped Jack, and everyone has kissed, sucked, and teased their way through it, the only thing left to do is cum on someone. Jack takes the load for all of them. “Oh, fuck” is the general consensus as they take turns jerking off and encouraging each other. Like I said, Bam! Totally explosive.

“Jack and Lukas were really fun to work with,” Levi confided in me about the scene. “They’re both really sweet and chill people, so it made things easy.” It might just be their porn superhero alter identities. But with this scene, I’d say they saved the day for all of us!



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