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by Nick Swallow

Apparently Alex Stevens has decided to shed his Eurocreme skin…or at least, play dress-up for a little while. A post on Blog About Men informed me that everyone’s favorite Czech twink is now BadPuppy’s…”handsome Czech stud Alex Stevensen

Alex Stevens: Alex Stevensen???

Okay, really? Really?!? I know porn stars like to change their names from time to time, sometimes accumulating upwards of ten aliases, but why in the name of fuck would your ‘name change’ involve the adding of ‘en’ to your last name? Is this your new image, Alex Stevens(en)? Is your new image some stubble and two letters? Are you trying to be someone you’re not? Who ARE you even?

Alex Stevens: Police Officer

Alex Stevens: Naked Friend

Alex Stevens: Bona Fide Cutie

Alex Stevens: Award Winner

Alex Stevens: Female Black Butt Fetishist

Alex Stevens: The Hulk


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