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by Nick Swallow

Last night a platoon of Cockyboys descended on Hydrate, a rocking gay bar/club in Chicago and sexed-up the world of 350+ unsuspecting party-boys. What began as a civilised photo op in front of a stunning, giant-sized ‘Roadstrip‘ banner descended into an intimate (for some lucky patrons), sexually charged go-go-orgy-thon. What’s an orgy-thon? I don’t really know, except that it involves eight porn stars in their underwear giving away DVD’s and Tees, posing for a thousand-and-one photos and earning a few extra bucks that get shoved in their cock-clutching underwear.

Max Ryder, Jake Bass, Jett Black, Levi Karter, Bravo Delta, JD Phoenix, Dillon Rossi & Ricky Roman pumped their pussies like the pros they are, giving the crowd a beautiful show of their pert butts and bulging crotches which handing out some (pretty impressive) freebie’s to a crowd that soaked them up- and their underwear soaked up a lot of pre-cum too, judging by the number of bulges I noticed in the guys pants who were enjoying the show.

Here’s some pics of the night- plus a behind-the-scenes shot of the boys stripping down & getting ready to take to the stage…

From your guest blogger, Nick at thePornpup

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