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by Nick Swallow


Tell us about your experience of playing Abel and being a son of chaos in Answered Prayers- were you comfortable acting in front of the camera? 

It was loads of fun! Emphasis on loads…and fun. It wasn’t my first time doing something other than sex in front of a camera, so I guess I was pretty comfortable despite the fact that I’m not a very good actor. I think everyone already got to see me in Answered Prayers part 2 where I get covered in stickers in a brief sequence and then have them all torn off, leaving these annoying red spots all over my skin. I believe the term I used to describe it was ‘some crazy Lady Gaga shit,” but it was still an enjoyable experience.

I had trouble trying not to laugh during it all. Part 3’s going to be even better when it comes to weird things happening that involve me; I assure you. I even got to cross something off my sexual bucket list while shooting it (hint: it has something to do with ancient Egypt and it’s not masturbating to create the universe). But I think the best part about playing Abel was the fact that my character was to my ‘brothers’ as I am to my 2 best friends from high school.


Which Cockyboy gave you the best blowjob in 2013? And who had the tightest, most talented butt!?

I think the award for best blowjob of 2013 goes to Levi Karter. Tightest… well, everyone feels tight to me so most talented would probably be either JD Phoenix or Dillon Rossi. I’d need to reassess, since I only had a few minutes with JD in that giant orgy scene and I was exhausted during my scene with Dillon since it was shot right after Black Party weekend.


In your personal life, what kind of guy do you go for and are you dating right now?

Hmm… I don’t think I really have a type, I just call them as I see them. Am I dating right now? Yeah, I think… (Lots of confused hand gestures) That’s what we call it, so I’m gonna go with yes for that one.

Tell us about the nerdiest thing you did in 2013…
In order to put off my senior engineering project, I programmed a Pokemon/Final Fantasy-like game for fun. I never really finished it. I also briefly considered going with some kinda sexy cosplay outfit for Hustlaball NYC since NY Comic Con was the same weekend (you know, kill 2 birds with 1 stone). However, I couldn’t get tickets to NYCC, so I just dropped the idea.

What are your goals/ambitions/things to tick off the bucket list in 2014?

I guess it would be nice to finally get around to shooting a scene for Guys in Sweatpants. Austin Wilde and I have only been talking about it for like a year now, but it doesn’t help that he decided to move even farther away from me though. Oh, and to finish that game I was working on and start a new one. And nail a 400lb deadlift.

    I love him, he’s so cute and charming.

    January 20th, 2014 2:11 pm

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