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by Nick Swallow

whattheworlddoesnotneed blog recently caught up with Cockyboy exclusive Tayte Hanson for an interview, and it’s pretty fascinating so you should go check it out here! Below is a snippet of their conversation…


You have had a great splash in the industry. Have you been recognized while shopping or have fans come up to you on the street?

Actually, yes! I was recently in Los Angeles, and I was at a restaurant, and the guy taking my order couldn’t stop staring as he brought out the food. I soon noticed that many of the other workers were staring. At the end of the meal I signed the check, he came over to retrieve it, and said “Would you signing a few more things?” He then he pulled out some freshly printed copies from my shoot with Levi Karter. I signed all five and he said “we are all huge fans of your work!” It was so surreal and actually felt great–it added to the excitement that I was with my mother!

What’s the secret to being a good go-go boy?

Eye contact! Well, I suppose everyone has their secrets, but mine is eye contact. If you are strong enough to keep your eyes open, and visually make love to people while they are objectifying you, then you are in control and people will do anything. I want people to feel special even if only for a moment. You make someone feel special (MUST BE GENUINE) and they will reciprocate!

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