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by Quin

Just in time for the new year… we have a new model joining our league of extraordinary Cockyboys. Angel Cruz paired up with Max Carter while he was in New York earlier this month, and we didn’t have to wait long to see the results of that shoot!¬†Check out Jake Jaxson‘s scene description below, and get ready to ring in the New Year¬†with these sexy boys!


It’s always an exciting moment when I introduce a new Cockyboy to the world. But this time it’s even more exciting because Angel is from Barcelona, and if you’ve ever been to Spain or met any boys from that part of Europe, then you already know – things are about to get HOT in here! And I don’t mean hot just because Angel has a flawless body, a perfect 6-pack, and a dick to die for. No. I mean passionate, aggressive, sweaty, balls-deep kind of hot!

Max was already getting horny just listening to Angel talk. His accent pretty much had Max hooked right away and he was willing to do anything Angel said. First, of course, was sucking his dick. All the way to the base. Max was definitely not holding back this time – he was hungry for it and he couldn’t get enough of that big dick. Next, Angel wanted a taste of Max’s huge cock as well so they switched positions and Angel sucked Max just as good as Max sucked him. But the fun had just begun. After a short ass-eating session, Max was begging for it – and Angel couldn’t wait to give it to him. There wasn’t much easing into it; both guys are natural pros. Whether it was missionary, on his back, or riding it on top, Max just couldn’t seem to get enough. Finally, he gave in and as Angel was stroking Max’s cock while fucking him at the same time, Max shot his massive load all over his chest. Angel didn’t wait long before covering Max’s chest with a second load, and then licking it all up and feeding it to Max.

Oh, Barcelona…

Jake Jaxson

“Max looks just beautiful when he cums, what a sexy man. Angel is a great new addition to Cockyboys, can’t wait to see more of him.”
-Leigh 12/28/2014

“The scene was amazing. It’s always hot and explosive when both models are into each other. I love that Angel is so focused on Max. Max was into Angel from the start, but to see the desire reflected from Angel as well was totally hot. Great scene Max and Angel. Welcome to Cockyboys, Angel. I’m looking forward to more in the future.”
-Dawn ~ LoveNotH81 12/28/2014

“I love Angel. Sexy Latin boy. All body and dick and very passionate. Max is a total beauty. This was a great pairing.”
-jonRoberts 12/28/2014


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