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by Benny Morecock

Earlier this week, I wrote about how hot it is to see a guy’s face when he orgasms. But today, I was thinking sometimes it’s hot to watch two guys fucking without seeing anyone’s face. I’m not talking glory holes or anything — although that’s also kinda hot and deserves a separate post on its own — but I’m talking about full-body porn where you literally see everything except the two guys’ faces.


When I am actually fucking around with someone IRL, I’ve always thought it’s important to see my partner’s face. It adds a layer of intimacy. But when I am a spectator to porn, watching the pleasured expressions on the guys’ faces kind of makes me jealous and is kind of a boner killer. But the total/partial anonymity takes that away and leaves the relationship of whoever you are watching completely up to your imagination.

Gay rimming

When you don’t see the faces, it’s a lot easier to imagine yourself doing the same thing in the video with your top gay crush! Now, watching two completely in-love guys fucking is hot for a completely different reason (Hi Austony!). But sometimes, you just want to completely remove yourself from the situation without removing the jerk-off material.

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