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by Nick Swallow

Chris Harder IS Sebastian Caine. A man living a double life; on TV he’s a ‘man of the people’, defending ‘traditional family values’ from what he sees as an encroaching homosexual agenda of salacious sodomy & mind bending perversion. But when the lights go down and he visits his personal ‘masseur’… well, lets just say the only thing upstanding about him is his dick.


So he’s a totes hypocrite. A man who hides behind the worst of kind of ideals- intolerance towards anyone who doesn’t think like himself. All of which makes him the perfect target for the mysterious demigods and brothers Jinks (Jake Bass) and Moloch (Max Carter), who are having a brotherly spat over who gets to be the next big honcho/ruler of the universe.

Moloch is the darker of the two and is making great headway in the battle, with the world falling prey to his negative ways; intolerance, war, hate & fear. Jinks power is fading as hope leaves the hearts of man… so he summons his three sons, the Sons of Chaos (who have a nifty dress sense resembling the survivors of a future battle between leather daddies & a travelling gypsy circus) to give him a bit of a breather and do some battling on his behalf.


Puck, Luck & Abel (Bravo Delta, Levi Karter & Dillon Rossi) are a strange threesome, eccentric and unafraid to get their hard dicks out in front of each other (especially Bravo- but then again if I had an thick eight inches I’d be getting it out at family reunions too). Sebastian’s double life (he likes to get fucked by his masseur, remember!), hypocrisy, and manipulation have made him an obvious target for the boys, who saran tape him to a massage table and have their wicked (and wonderful) way with him- all the while taping the action on their mobile phones for future career-busting revelations.


So Mr Caine gets everything he wants from the brothers- enough dick to choke a nymphomaniac, a sore bottom from all that fucking and a cum drenched face. He also gets the one thing he didn’t want (because he doesn’t want people to know the truth about him)- the footage of his sexual shenanigans getting splash across the media in all it’s glory…

Check out the trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

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