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by Nick Swallow

It’s been an anticipation-drenched wait for the nest installment of Answered Prayers, the epic mini-movie series from director Jake Jaxson, but it’s almost time- SOOOOOON (check out the trailer here)!

In the previous edition of Answered Prayers we saw Chris Harder aka The Bully getting stuck to a table like a fly in amber and then gang banged by the Brothers of Chaos (known in their human forms as Bravo Delta, Levi Karter & Dillon Rossi), which you can check that out here to refresh your memory. In the upcoming edition Max Ryder is taught some hard, and horny, lessons by a celestial being (I’m guessing) played by porn legend Dean Monroe.

Check out these pre-release pics below for a taster of what’s to come…

img_0177 img_2166 img_2190 img_3260
img_0014 img_0049 img_0060 img_2151 img_2168 img_2194 img_2696 img_2740

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