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by Nick Swallow

The verdict is in- Cockyboys members love Answered Prayers! Here’s some of the comments left on part 1…

“Oh wow this literally took my breath away and I can’t wait to see more of sexy Max Carter…”
-foxy 11/27/2013
“Tony Scott’s ‘Agent Orange’ blended with Zalman King’s ‘Wild Orchid’ juxtaposed with a steam punk surrealistic backdrop … transporting porn into art…”
-Beck 11/27/2013

“WOW. Just…..WOW. This literally blew me away. JJ, you have surpassed yourself. Your recent films were stunning, but this? I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Jake and Ricky were AMAZING, the whole feel to the film was incredible, and the sex was off the scale. I’m a writer – I write gay erotic fiction – and what I just saw was inspirational. Thank you, to everyone involved. I await the rest of the series with bated breath…”
-LoveisLove 11/27/2013
“Holy Hell JJ. That was incredible.”
-Suzanne 11/27/2013
“Ok the sex first. Wow wonderfully filmed and Ricky and Jake have such chemistry. It wasn’t sex it was art on film. Now to the film. Wow wow wow. What artistry It’s like watching poetry come to life. The sets, the costumes, the cinematography everything was art and masterfully done. Jake Bass as always is a classy performer. And Ricky Roman. Ok no secret I am a fan of his. Wow the acting, facial expressions. So worthy of any acting award there is! I can truly see this young man going places. Whether in mainstream or otherwise. Seeing his serious sign here was beyond anything I have seen yet. And to Cockyboys (the entire team) what a wonderful gift you have delivered to your fans. And other studios wonder why your fans are so vocal and passionate?? Wonder no more! Because of artistic endeavors like this my friends. This is the future of gay adult entertainment. You have a choice. Join the revolution or fall to the wayside. Bravo Cockyboys Bravo.”
-Jeffrey 11/27/2013
Have you seen it yourself yet? If not, go to the Cockyboys site and see Answered Prayers part 1 for yourself!

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