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by Benny Morecock

There’s been a bunch of chatter about our latest scene at CockyBoys, in which Anthony Romero gets tied up and fucked by Gabriel Clark. As their should be! Anthony has really been coming into his own lately, and by that I mean cumming into his own face after Gabriel mercilessly pounds him in a nondescript hotel room without saying a single word before leaving. Anthony and Jake Jaxson were the ones who came up with the idea for this unique scene after stumbling upon a picture depicting a helpless little bottom boy all tied up and ready to get fucked. What came from this photo is a scene we’ve all fantasized about but rarely act out on.

Anthony Romero Bound and Tied

Anthony sets up the scene for us, careful not to leave out a single detail as we picture the scene perfectly in our heads. Before we know it, the fantasy becomes a reality as mystery man Gabriel Clark enters from behind and takes complete advantage over poor Anthony… all tied up and not really having a choice about getting fucked even if he didn’t want it.

Anthony Romero Bound and Tied

I was frightened throughout this scene! And after it was all over, I wasn’t really able to sleep that night. At first I thought I was scared, wondering if I might also be used in the same way by a much more dominant, aggressive man. But when I looked down and realized I had a hard-on, it became apparent to me that my lack of sleep was due to the fact that I was really, really fucking turned on.

Anthony Romero Bound and Tied

This video is all about total domination. Whether you like to get blind-sided by domination or like to be the one doing the blind-siding, this video is extremely intense and highly erotic. Jake Jaxson and Anthony Romero really touched on something a lot of pornographers are either too scared to touch or don’t know how to handle the right way. Once you watch it, it will be hard to forget!


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