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by Nick Swallow

I can’t get over Arnaud Chagall’s body. It’s so sexy- his abs pop, his perfectly hairy pecs make my mouth water and his slim build tempts me to touch him. So sexy. And then when you add his handsome face to the mix? Well, he’s just French Canadian sex on a stick. big-pic

David Corey isn’t lacking in sexiness either, he’s got a nice body and a bad boy look about him, which he puts to good use as he goes about licking out Arnaud’s tight hole. But before all that- the guys really get into exchanging blowjobs with each other, gleefully sucking dick down into their throats, and giving me the distinct impression that they’re making each others cocks feel amazing…


And then we get back to David licking ass- David pushes Arnaud’s legs back over his head and gets hit tongue deep into his hot hole, making the happy recipient moan in pleasure. This is all getting Arnaud’s hole very wet, just perfect in preparation for the fuck that’s about to come…


David first takes his prize by bending Arnaud over a sofa and pushing his dick deep into him, causing Arnaud to moan long and loud in pleasure as his hole is pushed open. After thrusting hard into Arnaud, David wants to take him on the floor too, and the two of them rut like animals… Arnaud is then back on the sofa, on his back, legs held in the air taking a slamming as they both build to an amazing orgasm…

Check out the trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

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