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by Nick Swallow

Arnaud Chaggal recently told me that his abs are genetic and he doesn’t work too much on them- to that I say, AUGH! I have to do a thousand crunches a day or my stomach sags over the the waistband of my stylish yet affordable skinny jeans like a classic muffin top. Still, I can’t hold it against Arnaud (in fact, I’d love to hold ‘it’ against him (‘it’ being my penis)), because he’s so sweet and innocent looking.. innocent until you see him growling like an angry puppy as Tobias’ dick is rammed up his ass…


Tobias is another smooth stud recently introduced to the Cockyboys site, and is eager to get to grips with Arnaud’s famed tight bottom. Just look at that pic of Arnaud’s hole below- that ring looks so tight it could squeeze the shell off a walnut! But this time it simply suceeds in squeezing the cum out of Tobias’ balls…


Watch the sizzling trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

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