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by Nick Swallow

Or battle of the Max’s, take your pick. Max Ryder & Max Carter are together for the first time to bring us some twink-(yeah, I used that word)-tastic fucking.

Max Ryder (or Max 1)  is in an aggressive mood, really working Max 2’s dick over with his mouth and hands- Max 2’s eyes are literally rolling back in his head from the rough play. Max 1 then forcefully shoves his dick into Max 1’s ass and pounds away, the two of them blurring before my eyes into a kind of abstract watercolor painting of what bleach vs beach blond sex looks like.

Then the two swtich roles to give us double bang for our buck! Max 1 is on the bottom, getting slammed by Max 2’s super-hard dick. I love it when you think you’ve got a guy worked out, as I did thinking Max 2 was a big bottom, and then he pulls a bait and switch and is suddenly the top. Forgive the cliché, but it seems blondes do have more fun. I’m going to ask the boys if they’ll bleach me this weekend!

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