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by Nick Swallow

The latest update to hit Cockyboys is this marvelous behind the scenes cock-u-mentary (sorry) about the making of the latest CB four part series A Thing Of Beauty– specifically how the guys (Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark, Dale Cooper & JD Phoenix) bonded between filming and how that intensified the passion when they were taking turns pounding each others sun-tanned butts.


Gabriel takes time out of sunbathing and double-penetrating JD Phoenix to talk about their group cooking sessions, about how sweetness pervades Dale Cooper, how masculine (ooh err) Colby Keller is and, quite frankly, how downright cock hungry JD is at all hours of the day (while he’s talking we get to see proof- JD in the infinity pool with his mouth vacuumed around Gabriel’s dick like there’s oxygen coming out of it.

Then we get some points of view from Colby & Dale, talking about chemistry, how they’ve known each other for years but rarely been on film together, and how much fun it is for Colby to take turns with Gabriel fucking Dale’s holes…

The video ends with a sizzling hot sexual release between Gabriel and Dale… but only if you’re signed into the site! Sorry non-members, you’ll have to sign up to get to see that wank-worthy material.

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