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by Nick Swallow

Ok, that title may have been misleading, but Bel Ami has indeed broken a new record: The largest circle jerk scene in history, with 27 models, 27 dicks and 27 cum shots– a total of over 18 feet of cock, and enough cum to impregnate a small country!

Watch the Bel Ami Circle Jerk trailer here:

More of Bel Ami’s Circle Jerk after the jump!

The circle jerk features plenty of interaction between the models as they kiss and help each other jerk off to completion. To capture all this for the cameras Bel Ami used two still photographers, three camera people and one documentary camera person. BelAmiOnline will be releasing a full on orgy featuring 14 Bel Ami models which will be released later this year. BelAmi’s biggest current lineup of stars including

Sadly, no trailer is available as of yet, but on May 29th and 30th BelAmiOnline will be releasing the actual video of the circle jerk in two parts. But for now you’ll just have to settle for these amazing photos.

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