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There is something of a joke in the Cockyboys twitter fandom, that the two things most likely to show up on the daily twitter feed are porn, and puppies. And sometimes, both porn stars and puppies show up in the same tweet. But how many porn stars can say their dogs have been featured in their photo shoots, let alone in one of their feature films? Not many – and none that we can be more proud of than our very our Levi Karter and his adorable dog and kindred spirit, Bella. Affectionately known to the Cockyboys family and the fans as one of the Pups (just like her person is) or as “Bean,” Bella the mixed breed dog, with her right ear almost perpetually sticking up while her left droops down, has recently received even more attention than usual. Her pose with Levi in a recent photo shoot earned a place on the cover of the French magazine Zip, and as Puck’s faithful companion in the upcoming Answered Prayers: The Redeemer, she promises to deliver a performance as perfect as Levi himself. In fact, not only will Bella be the first dog to play a character in a Cockyboys film, she’ll be the first female onscreen for them as well! Congratulations, Bella!

Anyone who is a fan of Levi will know how much a part of his life Bella is, and how much she’s a member of the Cockyboys family; staying often with Jake Jaxson, Benny Morecock and RJ Sebastian at the Cockyboys residence has even garnered her the title of their “god dog.” It’s basically impossible to imagine Levi without Bella! In his interview with Foxygirls blog, Levi tells the story of how he picked Bella out at the pet store, and how they “grew up” together – how she’s been with him throughout his triumphs, heartbreaks and successes over the past two years. “Bella is like my daughter, and my little sister, and my dog, all in one,” Levi explains. “Her emotions are just on the same level as mine, that’s why I have a spiritual connection with her.” You can also see in a Levi’s frequent tweets that include Bella the incredible bond he has with her. Some people go so far as to surmise that Levi must be part dog himself.

We wouldn’t doubt it, Pup. <3


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