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by Benny Morecock

It seems like you guys are taking quite a liking to my post about about the Ryan Gosling/Justin Bieber lovechild, Rystin Biebling. Well, I was inspired today to scour the Internet for other gay celebrities with jerk-off videos. Does anyone think Ben Affleck is hot? He’s kind of a stud, but you wouldn’t classify him as a gay icon with the likes of Biebling, R-Patz, and Zac Efron. Especially since he’s trying to be “intelligent” now with his recent slew of “important” movies that get nominated for Oscars and stuff, nobody really calls up Ben Affleck when they want a studly underwear model or something. Still, though, he’s kinda hot? And apparently he makes solo j/o movies now… lol:

Ben Affleck sure cums a lot for being a celebrity! Not saying that all celebrities are “known” for having a low sperm count or something, but there’s gotta be a reason why so many of them adopt kids instead of do things the natural way. Ben Affleck has like 3,000 fetuses on his chest by the end of this video, for real…

Ben Affleck cums!

If all those fetuses (feti?) were to be born, I wonder what their celebrity baby names would be? Probably something like Banana, Purple Rain, Wishbone, Katniss, Cherokee, Manatee, Knappkin, Ashley (if it’s a boy), Maxwell (if it’s a girl), or like, Mitsubishi. However, I don’t know if there are enough fruits, fictional characters, or car manufacturers out there to supply the names for Ben Affleck to borrow with the amount of wasted jizz he produced in one go. That’s a fucking lot of babies!

Anyway, maybe Ben Affleck is not your thing and you are still waiting for the REAL Justin Bieber nudez to leak on the net. Well wait no more, because in my search, I also located a top secret video of the Bieb himself getting jizzed all over!

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