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by Quin


Anticipation is high this week. The day is getting closer, the boys are getting hotter, and the time will soon arrive when Cockyboys descend upon Berlin, Germany! The ninth annual Berlin Porn Film Festival is taking place this coming weekend, and as Cockyboys has two (that’s right, TWO) films being shown at the festival, Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian, and Benny Morecock have taken it upon themselves to attend the festival in person, along with Ricky Roman and Levi Karter, stars of the films being shown, and Cilantro C. Guevara, superlative film editor of Answered Prayers: The Banker and co-editor of Fuck Yeah Levi Karter. These are the two films being shown at the festival, and Cockyboys couldn’t be more proud. Not only will the guys be present at the screenings on Saturday, October 25th and Sunday, October 26th, they will also be participating in a question and answer session after the film, AND hosting a private fan event on Friday, October 24th, to meet with some of their European fans in person. Let’s lay out the details for a minute, and then have a quick fan sesh about the films themselves. There’s so much to be excited about!

Things will be getting started Friday evening with the Cockyboys fan event, which you can still RSVP for, to When responding, please include:

1. Your name and the name of any guests you will be bringing
2. The length of your stay in Berlin
3. Whether you would like to purchase a Cockyboys DVD, calendar, or copy of A Thing of Beauty, to be autographed at the event
4. Which film is your favorite, Fuck Yeah Levi Karter or The Banker. Just kidding, you don’t have to include this info! But feel free to. ;)

Festivities will continue Saturday evening at the festival! The screenings will take place at the Moviemento Kino Berlin theater, and will begin at 9pm Berlin time with an intro to the films, continue by showing both films, and end with the Q&A afterwards. Sunday will wrap up the festival, reprising Saturday but with the screening beginning at 5pm. Tickets are necessary to attend each screening and can be purchased online from the theater, for eight euros apiece – Saturday’s showing here, and Sunday’s showing here. Be advised that the theater website is conducted in German… But don’t let it intimidate you, ask a German-speaking friend for help if you need it – maybe they’ll even decide to attend with you!

Now, on to the films being shown. Chances are you have seen them already, if you are a Cockyboys follower, but it’s always good to prep a little bit for sexy things like this (I’m sure you know that already too). As I mentioned, this is the ninth annual Berlin Porn Film Festival, but only the first for Cockyboys, and the first venue screening of both Fuck Yeah Levi Karter and Answered Prayers: The Banker. The two films are very different from each other, but each has a unique quality that makes them the perfect fit for an event as unique as this one. The Banker is the first scene in the epic Answered Prayers series, and started the whole series off with a bang as Jake Bass and Ricky Roman played their characters of Jinks and the Banker with dedication and chemistry. And FYLK is Levi Karter’s filmography and co-directorial debut, constructed to tell a highly personal story of his life in self-shot video clips, featuring everything from phone sex to intimate relationships on his path into the world of porn. All the performers, and everyone involved in these films, gave their best to the work, and judging by their inclusion in this amazing film festival, their efforts have truly paid off. I hope you will join us at Cockyboys in saying, Berlin, here we come!


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