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by Nick Swallow

Adrian Reed, star of Barebackin' Boyfriends

As much as I hate to do it, a weekend full of Grey’s Anatomy and emotional breakdowns [quarter-life crisis, anyone?] lead me to this, a repost from the recently prolific I Need Gay Porn Blog. Enjoy!

I wanted to share with you some images from the Black Party Expo that happened a couple of weekends ago here in NY. Why didn’t I put them up sooner? Well, I finally recovered from the Black Party a couple of days ago. I’ll tell you one thing: In the 8 hours I was rolling dancing my ass off, I saw and did things I’m afraid to repeat.

These pictures, however, are from earlier that afternoon. (The pint of Jamieson I consumed in the first hour of the Expo made everything so much better!)

The highlight of the day was actually hanging out with Adrian Reed. Adrian may look familiar to the fans of videos. Some time ago, Reed appeared as Brett on a video called Barebackin’ Boyfriends with his then lover, Jason Preston (yes… that Jason Preston.) It is, by far, my favorite Studmall video to date.

Oh look… I just happen to have found a clip of Adrian taking a pounding online.

Adrian Reed is FEROCIOUS bottom and thinks that spit makes the best lube…. too hot!

Here are some more pictures from expo including some of Zach Alexander rubbing his nine inch uncut cock across Adrian’s ass.

The drag queens LOVE Adrian.

They REALLY do.

Enough to want to rim him right there.


Adrian and Samuel Colt

Mr. Pam from Lucas Entertainment

Hot go-go boys dancing on stage

More GoGo Boys

Zach Alexander lifting Adrian Reed

Dark Alley's Owen Hawk with Adrian; yes, that's his cock swinging in the wind.

Zach Alexander and Adrian

I rarely use this word but FIERCE!

Black Party Fashion show.

So those were just some of the images from the Black Party Expo. Though he hasn’t done any other videos, I wonder if Adrian Reed would be up for getting back into the biz… only time will tell.

You know you love it!

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