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by Nick Swallow

Levi Michaels has the face of an angel but the heart of a bad boy- you can tell there’s a lot of naughty thoughts going on inside his head as he talks to the cameraman, as he gets his pre-flip-fuck interview. The scene soon progresses into a lusty make-out session between the two of them, as they press their toned bodies against each other and kiss deep. It’s a nice contrast watching Levi’s furry pecs rub against Max’s smooth, athletic chest.


The two of them almost look like brothers, with their baby-blue eyes and blond locks, but their attitudes are polar opposites- Levi is confident and forceful while Max is more reserved- which led to my surprise when Max pushes Levi’s legs back over his chest and fucks him hard- damn boy, I didn’t know you had it in you!


Of course Levi wants to return this anal-favor and soon has Max spread out under him, taking his firm inches deep into his butt and enjoying the pounding. It all ends with an impressive explosion of cum that totally satisfies both the guys!

Watch the trailer below and check out the full scene here!

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