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I bet you are wondering why I titled this article as I have. Well, Cockyboy “Boys to Adore Galore” is a beautiful film done in a tribute style to the icon, Andy Warhol. But why have I associated myself to this film and icon? Well as extraordinary as it may seem I have a connection to Andy Warhol.

I was born in NYC in 1962. I lived there with my family until roughly 1968. During those years, my mother and I spent a lot of time with my uncle who lived in as well as around Greenwich Village. Being a shy and introverted child, I blended in and observed everything going on around me. A lot of the people I met during those years impacted me greatly but I didn’t realize how much until years later. My uncle was a free spirit who connected with many kinds of people around him. A lot were free spirited like him but also creative, frustrated individuals who wanted to make an impact on the world. Through my uncle I met Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger and Andy Warhol.


Andy Warhol impacted me the most, not because of the frequency of seeing him but because of how he treated me. He was one of the few who treated me as a person and took an interest in me even though it was a mild one. I interacted and observed him to such a level that he became ingrained in my psyche. I wouldn’t realize until I was much , much older that his demeanor, words, look and aura had impacted me on a level where he influenced the type of people I gravitated towards as well as I still am attracted to. Even at that young age I recognized something unique about him. I somehow knew deep down that I wanted to be like him in some small way. I firmly believe meeting these creative free spirits at such a time, helped mold me into the free spirited, compassionate person I am now.

So when I saw the Cockyboys film “Boys to Adore Galore” all those memories came back to me as well as all of those impressions of him that I remember. The late 1960’s are known as a time of a sexual revolution. I was too young to be aware of that but we have films like Andy Warhol’s to bring us back to that time. The Boys to Adore Galore film does that also in so many ways. This film is full of passion, eroticism, seduction and the pure pleasure of sex between partners. It reminds us that even now in the 21st century that we are still trying to live the sexual revolution that was started back then.


This is the first Cockyboys film ever that impacted me on such an erotic level that I had to stop watching every 15 or so minutes to calm down. The impact to my eyes, ears, heart and libido were sent into overdrive many times. I rarely find myself in such a state like this but it was a most welcome and intense one.

The information and history about Warhol and his films was certainly interesting. The conversations in the background were as much a character as the individuals in each orgy scene. But the scenes were so fluid that when the camera moves back and forth between actions you were not lost. There was constant interaction on some level by either being a voyeur, being seduced or being the object of pure pleasure.


We, as the observers, are pulled into the experience during these moments of pure pleasure by the use of close ups, animalistic sounds and unspoken communication between orgy partners. The final orgy scene culminates in each person receiving or giving pleasure with an almost simultaneous happy ending for everyone. The looks of intense satisfaction on all faces made me rather jealous as I was only observing. I wanted to be in that final scene somehow. To me, feeling that desire to be in the action not just observing it meant that this film went way beyond my level of expectation.

So Bravo! Andy would be proud!

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