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by Nick Swallow

Apparently Brandon and Marco are good friends in Montreal, so I bet they’re already pumped each other a good few times off screen- which explains the sexual chemistry the two of them share when the cameras begin to roll… Brandon looks fantastic naked and has an impressive, long cock that swells at the sight of Marco’s pert ass. This is going to lead to some sizzling ass fucking, I can feel it in my loins…


The two of them are versatile so both want a chance to fuck and be fucked- and isn’t Cockyboys anything but accommodating? The director jumped at the chance when he overheard them chatting about how they both love taking a dick or two- what’s hotter than two young men taking turns screwing each other?!


Brandon goes first, but not after licking Marco’s sizeable dick up and down a few times, and then working his face deep into Marco’s crack- gotta get that hole wet, open and ready for the pounding to come! Marco finds Brandon’s size a little challenging at first but slowly warms to the size of the dick pounding his ass- to the point where he’s practically begging for more.


Then it’s time to switch- Marco wants his turn riding the ass express! Brandon’s butthole is a welcoming place, making Marco’s dick feel amazing as Brandon bounces up and down on top of him. All this action leads to two explosive orgasms-  cum flies, moans fill the room and everyone, including this reviewer, left happy!

Watch the sizzling trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

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