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by Nick Swallow

Asher Hawk actually looks a little starstruck as he gazes at Pierre Fitch, almost unable to keep eye contact with the older, renowned Canadian porn star. Asher lets slip that he started jerking off to Pierre’s porn when he was in Elementary school- Pierre is surprised and loves it!


The two guys talk about what they like- what position they like to fuck in, what they want to do to each other in a few minutes time… verbal foreplay is definitely a turn-on for the two of them. Before long their dicks are out and Asher is sucking hard on Pierre’s thick meat, trying to get as many inches in his throat as possible- his enthusiasm is hot and adorable!


Pierre then sticks his hard dick into Asher’s tight little ass- pounding the younger man good, showing him how an experienced porn star likes to fuck- and Asher loves every gut pounding, hole stretching minute of it!

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