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by Nick Swallow

Just today I was doing my usual stalking/obsessing over the Cockyboys and thought- I haven’t heard much from cutie (and six-pack wonder boy) Dillon Rossi recently- what’s he up to? Well, it seems that boy has been getting his abs even more washboard-ey as he’s looking flipping stunning at the moment!

I totally borrowed/stole a ton of pics off of his Twitter feed so that I could share them with everyone. Isn’t his smile cute? And isn’t that throbbing, long dick of his something you just want to bounce up and down on until you spurt a load of hot cum all over his athletic torso? If you answered no to that, I’m afraid we can’t be friends…

You can check out all of Dillon’s scenes on Cockyboys (where he’s an exclusive) here!



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