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by Nick Swallow

Cockyboy Chris Harder has been working hard on bulking up over the last few months, and it’s certainly showing, with his body becoming more hard and muscular- especially in one certain place… yes, his butt! That boy has been doing his squats!


Gabriel Clark certainly approves. The way he dives tongue first into Chris’ butt crack puts his passion firmly on display, his eyes are as large as saucers as he views this hot hole in front of him- a tight butt that’s about to squeeze the spunk out of his cock.


After being rimmed by a pro, anyone would be ready and relaxed enough to get a hard Canadian cock up their butt- lucky for Chris, as he has no choice in the matter- Gabriel is so turned on that Chris is going to get fucked either way! Gabriel rises from the rimming, points his cock at Chris’ hole and slowly pushes into the young, tattooed stud. 


And then the pounding begins. Chris’ raging-hard cock flops all over the place as he’s pounded from behind, in the doggie style (my favorite), and his face displays the mix of passion and pleasure racking his body. The guys change positions a few times, giving us some great views of Chris’ toned chest and Gabriel’s cock sliding into him.


All this fucking results in a lot of spunk flying over the place, and as Chris cums Gabriel sticks out his tongue for a taste…

Check out the trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

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    July 22nd, 2014 4:45 am

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