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by Benny Morecock

There is a pretty big fetish out there in the hetero porn world called Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM), which is when a dude is totally naked and surrounded by completely clothed women who poke and humiliate him while sometimes stroking his cock until he cums. There’s not too much tied-up-and-gagged stuff in CFNM… it’s all very consensual which is why I think it’s so hot. There’s so much porn out there where the man is humiliating the woman, and anytime you see a role reversal, the guy is usually tied up. So it’s CUTE to see a guy get naked and slightly embarrassed for a group of clothed females and not expect them to give anything back.


Anyway, I got to thinking that maybe there is a small niche for gay men with the same idea in mind? When I looked up CMNM, I found that there definitely was! Particularly, I found this slightly strange video where a young twink is completely naked and surrounded by three suit-and-tie clothed daddies, jerking him off and egging him on. I’m not really sure why it was so hot to watch this situation, since I’ve never really seen anything like it, but I couldn’t take my eyes away.


Another thing that kind of makes my pussy wet is the foreign accents. I’m not sure where they are from, but it reminds me of the horror movie Hostel — have the mean, scary foreigners taken this twink captive? The look in his eyes tells me he is a bit frightened, but also confused that they are making him hard so fast and then forcing him to eat his own cum!

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