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by Nick Swallow

Cockyboy Chris Harder has been the ringmaster of the Cockyboys circus that takes place every Friday at Berlin club in NYC- and this Friday he’s also celebrating his birthday there, in proper porn star fashion- namely, with a bunch of porn stars, hookers & sexual favors given out like candy!

Cockyboys joining him that night to gogo dance, show off their bodies and generally get up to mischief are the hairy-chested Bravo Delta (winner of Cybersockets Best Webcam Performer!), tattooed cutie Ricky Roman and bend-his-legs-backwards-over-his-head Levi Karter (winner of Cybersockets Best New Porn Star). Also appearing for the special occasion is gogo superstar Francisco, who looks like a whole bucket of lust to me!

I’m going, and I’ll be propping up the bar with a vodka soda in hand, a porn star on one arm and my favorite dildo in my pocket (her name is Precious). See you there!


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