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by Nick Swallow

For the past few weeks the hot, horny Cockyboys have been descending on the NYC club of the moment Berlin.

Chris Harder is an old hat (not too old mind you) at making a mark on the NYC scene, as he used to be a go go boy and boylesque dancer who wasn’t shy about getting naked on stage- and now he’s the ringleader of the Cockyboys (in the form of Ricky Roman, Levi Karter, Bravo Delta, Duncan Black, Max Carter & more) as they descend every week on Berlin and strip, cavort and perform for the hungry, baying crowd.


The live shows are sizzling- sometimes (as Chris Harder talks here) so downright dirty that even the club security has to step in occasionally and calm the whole scene down! And then once the boners go floppy (only for a moment of course) the crowd gets the chance to interact and party with the boys.


So¬†every Friday night from 11pm to 4am (I’m way too old to stay awake until 4am, but please give it your best go and tell me all about your night!) you can drink, dance and (who knows) even take a Cockyboy home… now THAT would be the perfect end to my night (I’m looking at you Duncan Black!).


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