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by Quin


Everyone wants to know what Jake Jaxson is thinking. What’s the meaning behind Answered Prayers, what’s it like working with the models, how did he get into all this Cockyboys stuff, anyway?! And Jake has been the subject of several interviews lately to ask just such questions as these. His most recently published interview has come from Foxygirls blog, and it answers some of these questions in perhaps the most in-depth fashion we’ve seen yet.

Given the afternoon to sit down with Foxygirls interviewer Miss Martine, JJ opens up with a level of ease and explanation that allows to truly see into the mind of the man behind the porn that isn’t always just porn (although when it is “just porn,” it’s some of the best out there). The interview that follows winds its way through AP, the origins of Cockyboys in its current incarnation, some personal perspective on family and love, and even a cameo visit from the irrepressible (and irreplaceable) Jake Bass. As it comes to a halt for a “brief intermission,” this interview leaves us feeling fulfilled, but hungry for the second half – we’ll be sure to share the rest with you once it’s published!


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