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How our national holiday, Cockyboys Appreciation Day, came to be.

Well my dahlings, gather around me, cuddle close and I will tell you the tale of how our Cockyboys Appreciation Day started back yonder on September 1, 2013.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful land called Cockyboys. It was a land of love, harmony and where the beauty of the inner and outer spirit was celebrated. It was a land of no hate, no misery or unhappiness. It was a land of only love of man, woman and creatures of all kind. Every creature in this land lived with the knowledge they were loved unconditionally.

This land was ruled with love and wisdom of three very special kings. King Jake embraced all his subjects with such love and peace that no one felt left out. King RJ filled the land with his visions of inner and outer beauty of all the beings in the land. King Benny gave to his subjects his love with the sounds of his laughter and giggles.


These three kings had many princes to share their love with the people of the land. Each prince was unique and special but loved to share their king’s message of love of all beings.

The people of the land so loved their kings and their princes that they wanted to show them in the way of some sort of celebration. But the people were at a loss as to how they could truly show their love back to their kings and princes. There were many opinions and suggestions that the people talked about but no one idea really came first in anyones mind.

But during this discussion in the palace courtyard called Twitter Square, there came one of the most beloved princes, Prince Max Ryder. He overheard the discussions going around and jokingly agreed with the suggestion of making each day a celebration of each prince. He said why not make today Prince Max Ryder Day. Even though there was some laughter, the people really liked the idea of each day celebrating a different prince and his contribution to making the land so full of love. The excitement of this idea became louder with more subjects professing their love for this excellent idea from their beloved prince.


So that day became Prince Max Ryder day and each day after became the day of celebration for other beloved princes like Prince Jake Bass, Prince Ricky Roman and Prince Levi Karter. But another dilemma came into the mind of the people of the land of Cockyboys. How do we show our love for our kings who help bring us the beauty and love of our princes. Yes this indeed was a dilemma. What can be done? So many ideas went around again and each one was met with pleasure. But then it was asked, was each idea the best way to show our love for our kings.

Then two lovely subjects, Miss Hannah and Miss Vivian, helped the masses coordinate their ideas into a very simple concept. We could show our love by having International Cockyboys Appreciation Day on September 1st to show our love for our kings, our princes and the love that is Cockyboys. Then each day after we can celebrate a different prince. This idea was met with such joy and cheers that the people began to sing their praises of their Cockyboys.

So then each subject gathered all their photos, videos, quotes and started early September 1st by each sharing their favorites about our kings and princes. This sharing of love continued throughout the day into evening making the day most special not just to the people but to the kings and princes.

So my lovelies, as you cuddle with your beloved, remember that the love we share in the land of Cockyboys is due to the unconditional love of our kings and princes. Cockyboys will always be a magical place of unconditional love where hate will never prevail.

All Hail Cockyboys!

    All I have to offer at this time is a big fat grin and an exhaled ‘AWWWW’ And it’s a lovely holiday indeed! :) Thanks to all of you wonderful sweethearts for brighting my days on my Twitter feed. Not a member of the site yet, but I’ve been a fan of your films first! That seems to be the way I’ve done things. :) BIG SLOPPY KISSES AND HUGE BEAR HUGS to each and every one of you. What you do is special, loved and, what else- appreciated! :D

    Elizabeth Young @Goblingoddess
    September 6th, 2013 1:13 pm

    Love you Lisa. This was such a fun fan week!!

    September 6th, 2013 8:58 pm

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