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by Cilantro C. Guevara

Today, we announce the 1st runner up in the first official CockyBoys Fan Fiction Contest! Chosen by Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian, and Benny Morecock, The Haunting: A Christmas Tale” by Jack Manly is a thought-provoking holiday-themed sequel to CockyBoys‘ popular 4-part horror porn thriller The Haunting! Here’s what one of our judges, @SillyCilantro (i.e. me) had to say about the story:

“Adding another layer to Jake Jaxson’s unique way of storytelling, this imaginative author is very well-read in the CockyBoys canon.”

In addition to a CockyBoys, Jake Jaxson, or Benny Morecock DVD, Jack_Manly will receive a 1 year subscription to CockyBoys, a signed RJ Sebastian photo, and a signed copy of the A Thing of Beauty photography book when it hits stores in March!

Be sure to congratulate Jack_Manly in the comments section below and look out for the announcement of our grand prize winner tomorrow!


by Jack_Manly

Twenty-five years later…

Aspiring artist Joe Sebastian was excited to learn that the “Claus Heist: The Early Years” exhibition at New York’s MOMA had been extended because now he had enough money to go cross country and get there by Christmas. Heist had been one of Joe’s favorite artists ever since he was a teenager growing up in Arizona when he saw an abstract portrait of his in a modern art magazine in the school library. Joe was inspired by Heist and as he got older he developed an obsession with his work–especially his transitional period from over 20 years before.

Joe had desperately wanted to go to New York and see Heist’s works as well as make a pilgrimage to the Heist Art School & Retreat in the country. Joe was living on his own in San Francisco at the time, selling his mixed media art, which one dealer called “folk art meets high tec”. Having just sold a few designs Joe now had the cash and jumped at the chance share a ride with a buddy going back east for the holidays in his new car. The holidays had been hard for Joe after recently losing his mom and now being an orphan and just breaking up with his boyfriend. So getting away was almost as important to him as finally getting to see a a rare showing of Claus Heist’s work..

Joe’s buddy Levi knew of his friend’s interest in Heist and so as Joe napped in the car Levi took a detour on the way to New York. Levi was going to surprise Joe by stopping at he Heist Retreat. It was a cold and damp gray morning as the car drove over winding roads past barren trees that looked like black gnarly fingers rising from the thick snow banks. As they drove closer to the retreat Joe had a dream, one of several he had dreamed countless times before, but never so vividly as today. And it had been at least two years since he had these dreams. In then he was always with another young man–one he had never seen before in real life but seemed so real. In one dream he hand-carved a small wooden toy and tried to give it to the man. In another he helped dress the young man in fine clothes from another time.

In one of Joe’s favorite dreams he was sitting in the sun on the porch of a country house, reading from a small careworn book. He stopped reading momentarily to look up at the face of a handsome young man who smiled at him with a pleased look on his face. He had never seen this young man before and only saw him in the dream. Joe smiled back and with one hand reached out for the man’s hand only to never touch it.

Just as he had done time and time again Joe woke up disappointed that it was dream. He woke with a start and looked out the semi-frosty car window and for some reason had a sense of dread. He didn’t say anything to Levi but as the car continued on Joe grew convinced he had been here before. He suddenly knew where Levi was going.

“Please, Levi. Don’t”

Levi jumped a little not knowing Joe was awake and turned slightly to him.

“Don’t what?”

“Don’t drive any farther. I know where you’re going.”

Levi tried to explain his now-spoiled surprise and still wanted to go, but Joe insisted that Levi take the road back to New York . Levi was slightly creeped out by a cryptic statement that even Joe didn’t fully understand when he said it. “I’m not ready”


French-Canadian journalist Raphael Chagall was in New York and was upset that he wouldn’t get home to Montreal for Christmas thanks to flight delays and cancelations. Raphael was usually a quiet person, especially in the US where his heavy accent often created issues in communication. And Raphael rarely lost his temper. But today he did lose it at the airport and very vocally although it was lost on the airline personnel who couldn’t figure out his melange of English & French. So he left the airport and took a cab back into the city and checked back into he hotel. He was still restless and decided to go out for a walk.

Normally Raphael found the New York’s holiday decorations to be gaudy and over-the-top, but walking along the busy streets with the sights and sounds of the season he began to appreciate it all more. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to be in New York for Christmas, he thought. After all his parents were in Europe for the holidays and his boyfriend Jake wasn’t around. Raphael and Jake had been fighting a lot lately and after a recent argument — Jake decided to cool off by staying with his buddies for a few days. Nevertheless Raphael began to grow melancholy watching couples of all kinds strolling together. And on that overcast late afternoon the twinkling Christmas lights were all the more vivid and romantic, seeming to mock his current state.

Raphael would later say it was just a coincidence that an icy wind came up just as he was passing by the Museum of Modern Art. At the moment he didn’t care. He went inside to get out of the cold and look around. Raphael wasn’t an art connoisseur but he did know a few names so he continued to stroll around looking for those he did know. He based by one of the exhibitions felt a head to toe chill. Wonderful he thought. I’m probably getting sick. He happened to look at the name on the exhibition and though he didn’t know who this Claus Heist was he was inexplicably curious.

Raphael smirked, not impressed in the slightest with the artist’s early style. In fact the found it crude and distasteful. But he grew more impressed with the artist’s work from a few years later. When he came upon a black, white & brown painting of a man silhouetted in the doorway of what appeared to be a dilapidated shack Raphael found it disturbing. He was actually frightened of it. He backed up and yet his gaze was drawn more into the depth of the picture. He began to feel sick and strangely cold…and he needed air. He rushed out of the exhibition and back outside trying to take deep breaths. He though, no way am I going back in there again. What was that stuff?

Raphael began to feel better and walked briskly forward. He reached into is heavy coat pockets to retrieve his gloves but only found one. He searched his pockets thoroughly and found nothing. So he retraced his steps. He was about to walk into the museum but stopped himself. He simply couldn’t go back in. As he stood there a docent from inside looked at him and wave her hand to get is attention. When she did she signaled him inside. He barely entered and she greeted him at the door.

” I couldn’t help but notice your glove, Sir. Did you lose the other one?”

Raphael nodded and she smiled telling him that one of the museum patrons had just picked it up and was about to turn it in. She pointed to the back of someone wearing a red & black plaid coat outside of the exhibition that disturbed Raphael and he walked over , hoping to retrieve the glove, thank the man and get out of the place. He said “Excuse me” (in his best English) and tapped him on the shoulder.

A few minutes before, Joe Sebastian saw a glove on the floor of the museum and picked it up before entering the exhibition. He held it in his hand and couldn’t stop himself from rubbing it and lifting it to his nose to smell it. He practically swooned at the new but oddly familiar aroma he couldn’t place. He didn’t know how long he as standing there when he heard a man behind him say in a thick accent “Excuse me.” and felt a tap on his shoulder. “I think you might have my glove?”

The spell broken, Joe turned around ready to show the man the glove and give it to him. Their eyes met and both Joe and Raphael were unable to speak for what seemed like minutes to them. Neither one let on that they were immediately taken with each other as the glove was handed over pleasantries were exchanged.

“My name’s Joe, by the way”

“Je m’ap..I mean, I’m Raphael. But my friends call me Rafe.”

Joe didn’t see the exhibition that day. Or the next. Instead he left the museum with Rafe and they went to a cafe to talk more. That Christmas eve afternoon in New York, the two men talked for a long time both aware of the distinct feeling they already knew each other but neither confessing it. Joe later called his buddy Levi to tell him he wasn’t going with him to visit his family. Instead Joe took Rafe’s invitation to spend the evening in his hotel room.

The instant chemistry and passion they shared that night as they kissed, sucked each other off and fucked in every possible position and into the wee hours of the morning felt like a dream to Joe & Rafe. It was real though . They woke up in each others’ arms as the light of dawn peaked through the crack of the drapes in the bedroom. They kissed again and then just held each other. Joe didn’t know why but he thought of Claus Heist and the time years before when he saw the portrait in the magazine. Then he turned to Rafe and looked into his eyes. And he said something he didn’t understand.

“It’s you, isn’t it?”

Rafe was momentarily perplexed and just nodded — and smiled. He didn’t know why he responded that way. It just seemed instinctively right. They lay there together for minutes, not saying a word. They would get up, shower together, and go downstairs for the hotel’s holiday brunch. Then they would come upstairs, undress and spend the rest of the day together. They opened the curtains and later watched the snow fall. And as they did they both remembered the smell of the snow and the woods, even though neither could actually recall where they encountered that aroma. They then just stared, thinking of nothing else but the here and now –and each other. They didn’t know then that from that point on they would never be separated again.

    This is lovely.


    January 9th, 2014 6:54 pm

    I love the whole concept of this, finally reuniting the lost lovers generations later. Well done – and congrats!

    January 9th, 2014 7:57 pm


    January 9th, 2014 10:53 pm

    OMG what a fantastic idea – I must share with a friend who watched The Haunting for the first time last week and was in tears when it ended. This just …… wow, congratulations Jack and thank you!

    January 10th, 2014 6:15 am

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