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by Cilantro C. Guevara

Today, The Cocky Beast will be publishing the 8 finalists of our first ever CockyBoys Fan Fiction Contest! You’ll get to read four sexy stories now, and four a little later today — listed in no particular order. If you’re just catching up on this contest, we challenged our fans to write and send us a “fan fiction” story with a few guidelines, mainly that his or her story include at least one of our CockyBoys models as a character, with prizes aplenty for the winners.

In addition to announcing the finalists on this site, we will be emailing each of you individually later this week so you can claim your prize: one CockyBoys, Jake Jaxson, or Benny Morecock DVD of your choice! Take a gander over at Studmall for your selection. If for some reason you do not receive an email from us, just shoot me a message over at And now without further ado, the first four finalists (title graphics by @reallushusljs):

By ljhamlin

They haven’t hung out in forever, but when they do again, when they’re finally in the same place at the same time, it’s like they’ve known each other forever, all over again, just like the first time they met, before they ever did a scene together. He likes how he can just lay on the couch, his head in Hayden’s lap, watching crappy TV. There isn’t any pressure; he doesn’t have to look his best or put on a front. He can just be.

Which doesn’t mean he isn’t turned on. It’s Hayden, after all, and they are both sexual people. From the moment Levi first saw him, he’d known he’d wanted him. God, the first time he’d seen Hayden’s solo video he’d practically been drooling. And he’d been damn pleased to hear Hayden’s type. Dark hair, dark eyes, tanned skin. It fits Levi perfectly, and he can tell from the way Hayden looks at him Hayden wants him, and their connection goes beyond their scenes together.

“You look all serious,” Hayden comments.

“Do not,” Levi says automatically.

“Can you see your face?” Hayden raises his eyebrows, and when Levi curses under his breath, Hayden laughs at him. Levi loves Hayden’s laugh. It’s so honest, real.

“So what are you thinking about?” Hayden asks, fiddling with Levi’s hair, which he has such a weakness for.

He can’t lie when he’s so relaxed, doesn’t want to lie to Hayden. They’ve been open with each other since day one and Levi likes that. He wouldn’t change it for the world.

“I was thinking about how I like that I’m your type,” Levi admits.

“Oh yeah?” Hayden grins, and, fuck, that smile – it has Levi’s heart skipping a beat every single time.

“Don’t go getting a fat head about it.” Levi snorts.

“I’ll get a fat something about it,” Hayden purrs, and Levi can’t help the giggle that escapes.

“I can’t believe you just said that.” Levi grins.

“Still gonna let me fuck you?” Hayden asks, leaning down so that their mouths are just millimetres apart.

“Gonna make it good?” Levi says, feeling cocky. He knows that Hayden is good. Its a fact he knows very well.

“I know what you like,” Hayden rumbles, and then his mouth is against Levi’s, and they both like kissing, so Levi opens up for Hayden’s kiss, shifting on the couch so that he can reach more of Hayden, get his hands on him as they kiss.

He’s not getting enough skin though, so he shifts till he’s straddling Hayden’s lap, and he uses his position to strip off Hayden’s shirt.

“Yours to,” Hayden demands, and Levi has no problem with that.

When they kiss again there is naked skin on naked skin, and Levi moans into the kiss. Hayden runs his hands up Levi’s back, drawing him closer as they kiss passionately. There’s always so much heat between them when they kiss, and Levi is so hard he can’t help rubbing against Hayden, trying to get friction.

“Want something?” Hayden breaks the kiss to ask.

“You.” Levi grins.

He finds himself flipped onto his back on the couch, his sweatpants being tugged off. Hayden manhandling him has to be one of the hottest things he’s ever experienced, and he groans as Hayden pushes his way between Levi’s spread legs. Hayden’s big hands cup his ass, pulling him up and spreading him open.

There really are benefits to having sex with the same person multiple times, because that person knows what you like, and Hayden knows that Levi likes his ass eaten.

“Do it,” Levi moans, and he hears Hayden laugh again, clearly amused by Levi’s neediness.

Hayden doesn’t hold out on him. He dips his head and runs his tongue over Levi’s hole, licking at it and making Levi buck. This has always been one of his favourite parts of sex, and Hayden is so good at it, his talented tongue licking and working Levi open, fingers joining in after a few moments.

“More,” Levi pants.

Hayden presses two thick fingers into him, hitting that perfect spot inside, and Levi knows he has to have more. He doesn’t want to get off like this.

“Bedroom now,” Levi commands.

“Bossy,” Hayden comments, lifting up.

“You don’t want to fuck me?” Levi asks, confident in what Hayden’s response will be.

“Right. Bedroom.” Hayden gets up first and then offers a hand to Levi, helping him up.

They stay hand in hand as they walk to the bedroom, and then Levi jumps onto the bed, feeling playful as well as turned on. He leaves Hayden to deal with getting the lube and condoms.

“Gonna fuck me?” Levi asks, spread out on his back with his knees bent, legs up and open.

“Never gonna say no to that offer.” Hayden climbs onto the bed, moving between Levi’s legs, his hands sliding up those muscular legs, touch firm but gentle.

“Never?” Levi grins.

“Never,” Hayden promises.

He uncaps the lube and slicks up his fingers, and Levi shivers with anticipation. The lube is cold when it touches his skin, but it soon warms up as Hayden fucks him with two fingers.

“That’s enough. Fuck me,” Levi orders, and he can see the heat in Hayden’s eyes.

“Hard and fast?” Hayden asks, and Levi nods. Slow and lazy can wait for latter, when his need isn’t so strong.

Hayden leans up and gets rid of his pants, and then he’s on top of Levi, his weight pressing Levi down into the mattress, and he’s kissing him. He can taste himself on Hayden’s tongue, and it turns him on even more. He pats the bed till he finds the condom and rips open the packet with his teeth,

He rolls the condom onto Hayden’s thick cock and jacks him a couple of times, smiling when Hayden’s breath hitches.

“Want to be inside you so bad,” Hayden groans, mouthing at Levi’s neck.

“So, fuck me already,” Levi says, arching.

Hayden uses one hand to guide his cock to Levi’s hole, and then he starts pushing in. Levi bears down, wanting this so much and they move together like they’ve done this a hundred times instead of just a handful. Hayden’s cock is thick and long, and it stretches Levi open as Hayden presses all the way inside. When their hips are flush, Hayden leans down and kisses him hungrily before he starts to thrust.

“Yeah, harder,” Levi demands. It’s another good thing about knowing the person you’re having sex with: he’s not afraid to ask for what he wants; he’s comfortable enough with Hayden to be demanding.

Hayden fucks him hard and fast, dropping a hand between them to wrap around Levi’s cock, jacking him off in time with his thrusts, and it’s perfect, so damn perfect.

He can’t last long like this, and soon he’s clutching at Hayden’s back, gasping, hips bucking as he loses control. He’s mindless to everything but the pleasure Hayden is giving him. He comes with a shout between them, come spurting out over both their stomachs, getting smeared into their skins as Hayden keeps fucking him.

Hayden comes moments later, and they collapse in a sweaty come covered heap. They kiss slowly as they wind down, Levi’s skin humming as the sweat cools on their skin.

Eventually they get up and clean up, and Levi’s thinking of collapsing back into bed when Hayden catches his hand and tugs him towards the other room.

“Next top model is on,” Hayden reminds him.

“I love that show.” Levi grins.

“I know you do.” Hayden doesn’t sound anything but fond.

There really is something to be said for having sex with friends.

By MissMMartine

“Good night!”

Max flung himself onto the bed, burrowing under the covers and making a big fuss of shifting around as he got comfortable.

“Good night,” Jake muttered, tucking his face into his pillow to ignore the bouncing of the bed, and the fact that the covers were being pulled off him by Max’s enthusiastic movements. In a few moments the jostling stopped and Max heaved a large sigh. Jake closed his eyes, trying to relax. It had been a long day since Max got into town, and he wanted to escape into sleep.

A moment later, there was more bouncing and suddenly Jake felt a warm arm sliding across his chest and a tousled head on his shoulder. Max pushed his face against Jake’s neck and gave a final soft sigh before seeming to settle down in earnest.

“Uh… What are you doing?” Jake pulled back to see Max’s face; his eyes were still closed and there was the hint of a smile on his lips. Never mind that it was a beautiful, enticing face – “Max! Come on. I’m trying to sleep!”

“So am I,” Max murmured, curling his fingers under Jake’s arm. “Shh. Just go to sleep now.”

“Max!” Jake almost laughed at his friend’s stubbornness. It wasn’t the first time Max had pulled something like this, but usually it was after Jake had fallen asleep. Well, it was too late to pretend that he was asleep now, and spare them both the awkwardness.

“Come on, get on your side of the bed. This is silly,” Jake said, laughing aloud this time. He pried at Max’s hand, but the other boy was grasping him tightly. “What are you doing?” he repeated, at a loss.

“I’m your guest, Jake,” Max murmured reprovingly, rubbing his face on Jake’s shoulder. “You’re supposed to make sure I’m comfortable.”

Jake laughed again, though his pulse was racing at Max’s touch. “Can’t you be comfortable over there? I’m not your pillow!”

Max stilled. “You don’t want me here?” he whispered. Jake shifted and managed to get out from under Max’s arm.

“Just – we’ll be more comfortable like this,” he told Max, pushing his friend gently away. “We want to get a good sleep tonight, we’re shooting in the morning!”

“I know that,” Max whispered, staring at him, then paused. “Fine! Then I’m taking your pillow.” He ripped the pillow out from under Jake, turned over roughly, and slammed it down on top of his head, hiding his face from view. Pulling the blanket back over himself, he proceeded to ignore Jake.

After a startled moment, Jake shook his head. Maybe it was the travel making Max so cranky? Normally Jake would fight him back for the pillow, or whatever other petty offense he had committed, but something stopped him this time. Max hadn’t laughed with him – hadn’t even looked like he was joking. Jake opened his mouth, ready to challenge his friend, but suddenly there was a sniffling from under the pillow and he realized that Max was crying.

“Max, hey!” Jake whispered, reaching out to touch his shoulder. Max jerked away, but Jake persisted, forcing him to turn over, pulling the pillow from his face.

“Leave me alone!” Max whined, twisting away; his face was red and tear-streaked, and Jake’s heart jolted. He had only seen his friend cry once before, after a hospital trip earlier this year. He grabbed the edge of the sheet and tried to wipe Max’s face, and the boy sobbed out and reached his arms up and Jake was holding him, cradling him in his arms, and Max was clinging to him fiercely. His face was at Jake’s neck again and Jake shivered at the feeling of hot tears, but at another feeling as well, one that had nothing to do with Max’s sadness and everything to do with Max himself. He tried to quell it.

“Max, sweetie, what’s wrong,” he whispered, stroking Max’s hair, rocking him slightly, reminding himself to be strong. This was no time to give in to his own selfish wants. Max sobbed again.
“I haven’t seen you in so long,” he whimpered, pressing his face to Jake’s. Jake closed his eyes, unable to resist the sensation.

“I know,” he replied softly. There was a long pause. Jake struggled with himself, still wavering somewhere between hopeful innocence and deliberate ignorance at what was upsetting Max, but then he felt Max’s lips, trembling against his cheek, and he turned his head, and met them full on with his own. Max moaned and Jake gave in.

It had been long – months since they had seen each other, and even longer since they had allowed themselves this indulgence. They always tried not to; it would always end in separation, but Jake could not hold back any more, and Max knew it. The fire that had been smoldering inside Jake was let loose and he took hold of Max, clutching his shoulders, his hair, practically jerking his head back as he pressed him down on the bed. They almost fought – Max pushing up into Jake, straining to get as much of him as he could, Jake trying to pin him to the bed, both of them wild at last.

“Max, Max,” he moaned, desperate for him, craving him.

“Kiss me, baby,” Max said breathlessly, and Jake complied, crushing his mouth to Max’s, too wanton to be cautious. Max’s heat and flavor, mint and smoke, was overwhelming him. He could not get enough of it. He moaned, kissing Max hard, pushing through his lips, biting at them. Max groaned deeply, tilting his head, and Jake bit at his throat as well, sucking the skin against his teeth.

“Oh god, please!” Max gasped. “Please, Jake – I need to feel you – here -” He was fumbling with his boxers; Jake pulled back and had them off in a second, along with his own. Their bodies touched and they were melting together, hot and slick and moving. Max was just as fit and tanned as ever, his abdomen even more toned; Jake ran his fingers over it, groaning with desire. He grabbed the bottle of lube, just out of sight under the bed, squeezing it between Max’s legs. Max kept his eyes directly on Jake’s as he opened up to him, and Jake nearly cried at the beauty of that face, so familiar to him by now, and so thoroughly missed when they were apart.

The only thing that made him break their gaze was the searing pleasure he felt as he entered Max’s body. There was a moment of suspension, each of them remembering this sensation, bodies arching to bring their centers as close as possible – and then they were fitted together, and Jake began to move slowly, working towards the rhythm they had established, that first time long ago. Max twined his arms around Jake’s neck and Jake kissed him again, savoring it, now that he could.

“Jake, you feel so fucking good,” Max whispered when they broke apart again, his breath heavy against Jake’s skin.

“Mmm,” Jake agreed, pressing his forehead to Max’s. Max dug his fingers into Jake’s hips and it spurred him on, moving him faster. He reached between them and found Max, hard and full, and gripped him, stroking and pulling him as he thrusted. Max tossed his head on the pillow, mouth open with pleasure.

“Jake, yes, Jake, please,” he whimpered, his hand meeting Jake’s and working with it. Jake rubbed his thumb over the wetness he found there and brought it to his mouth, tasting the slick, bitter fluid. And before he knew it his entire body was shuddering and he came, and Max’s eyes were wide and he was gasping along with Jake, his own cum spilling out onto his stomach.

“Max! Oh baby…” Jake closed his eyes as he drove into him a few more times, moaning with the residual pleasure, and Max raked his fingers through Jake’s hair. Slowly they came to a stop, a lull expanding around them.

At last they were silent. Jake’s head landed on the pillow next to Max’s, and Max pressed his lips to Jake’s cheek and held them there. For a few minutes, they simply lay in the quiet, their bodies relaxing into each other. Jake had no desire to move away from Max, to separate their bodies. He had denied that he wanted this, but now that they were here, he could not imagine going without it.

Finally Jake broke the silence, giving a long, shuddering sigh as he pulled out of Max. He raised his head and trailed his mouth across Max’s chest, up his neck, finding his ear and teasing it gently. Max gave a pleased giggle and Jake smiled, looking up to meet Max’s gaze.

“Now I’m your pillow,” Max whispered, and the happiness in his eyes pierced Jake to the core. He kissed that sweet, smiling mouth and, just as they had been carried away by their lust before, they were now transported by a giddy joy, breaking into laughter together. The tension was gone, at least for now – at least until Max would have to leave again.

Jake pushed the thought away. This was how they were, how they’d always been. Too much distance between them, both in physical space and personality; too much chemistry not to come together and combust when in the same vicinity. And maybe this time would be easier – maybe they were getting better at this. He kissed Max once more, slowly, memorizing how it felt. Max cupped his hand tenderly to Jake’s face.

“I love you, Jake,” he whispered.

Before Jake could even think he felt a rush of love back, consuming him; they had never said these words after sex before, but they were true and he said them back, fervently.
“I love you too, Max.”

They floated towards sleep. The city was quiet. Night in Montreal was stars and crickets and the occasional snatch of French as someone walked by outside. New York was far away.

By @CaraDeeWrites

Jake collapsed on his bed with a heavy sigh, feeling defeated.

No money, no work…

“You gonna mope all day?” Levi, his roommate, knocked on the door to his bedroom. “Come on.”

“Fuck off.” Jake threw an arm over his face. “All day…” What bullshit was that? “I haven’t even been here five minutes.” He’d been out job hunting.

Levi invited himself in. “Five minutes is enough, and I’m off to work soon.”

Rub it in.

Levi was a bartender at a popular gay club, and his dark but boyish looks and killer smile got him enough tips to afford a helluva lot more than Jake could at the moment.

“Just got off the phone with Gabriel.” Levi sat down on the bed. “Guess who got you an interview at the club?”

“What?” Jake removed his arm from his face. He noticed that Levi was only in a towel. Too bad the guy was taken. Taken by Levi’s boss, in fact. Gabriel. “Are you serious?”

“Do I look like I’m kidding?” Levi chuckled. “You just have to impress Gabriel.” He smirked for some reason. “Come on—get ready.”


In the past, the club hadn’t felt so big. But it was empty now, aside from Mr. Clark who sat in a corner lined with couches waiting for them. He had a swimmer’s body, was sinfully hot, and was the one who made Levi’s walk of shame some mornings look funny.

“So, this is your roommate.” Mr. Clark gave Jake a slow once-over and then smirked at Levi. “I see what you meant, baby.”

Well, that was cryptic.

Fuck that. Jake wasn’t here to be intimidated. “I’m Jake Bass.” He stuck out his hand. “Thank you for agreeing to meet with me.”

Mr. Clark studied him for a bit, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth…and ignored Jake’s hand. “Have a seat,” he said eventually.

Bitch, Jake mumbled internally and sat down—keeping a respectable distance. Levi followed, leaving Jake in the middle.

“Levi tells me you’ve bartended before.” Mr. Clark raised a brow.

“Yeah.” Jake tugged down the hood of his zip-up sweatshirt. “In college.” Then he figured he had to give the man a bit more, ’cause he really fucking needed a job. “I’m good at handling stress, and the last bartending gig I had was also at a club. I’m familiar with the hours—”

“Uh-huh, that’s all very good.” Mr. Clark cut him off, not sounding interested for shit. “Levi has already told me this. I trust him.” He shifted closer and draped an arm across the back of the couch behind Jake. Now he seemed interested—but in something that had nothing to do with a job interview. “Tell me what you think about my boy instead.” He grasped Jake’s jaw and tilted it in Levi’s direction.

What the hell?

“Excuse me?” Jake tried to move, but Mr. Clark—oh, fuck that. Gabriel…held him fast.

As if he wasn’t shocked already, Levi was watching him like Jake was next on the menu. No, actually, like Levi himself wanted to be devoured.

Jake swallowed, his mind spinning. Then he thought, whatever. If these two wanted sex, Jake wasn’t about to turn that down. No horny young man would. And if it was a twisted joke, what did he have to lose?

“I’m waiting.” Gabriel’s husky murmur went straight to Jake’s dick. Shifting again, Gabriel pressed his chest against Jake’s back, his muscular thighs moving to cradle Jake on the black couch.

“I’ve heard a lot about you from Levi.” Gabriel’s hands moved under Jake’s hoodie and settled close to the waistband of his briefs. “It’s your turn now.”

“Uh.” Jake licked his lips and focused on Levi, who was hard in his jeans and in the process of getting rid of his T-shirt. “He’s hot.” Jake’s eyes raked over Levi’s naked chest. Let’s go with honesty. “I’ve fantasized about fucking him. Hard.”

Levi shuddered, his already dark eyes growing even darker with lust.

“Now we’re getting somewhere,” Gabriel whispered in Jake’s ear.

Grabbing ahold of Jake’s shirt, he pulled it off and dropped it on the low table in front of them. It reminded Jake of where they were, and he stiffened when he saw two people moving around over by the bar across the large club.

“No—focus right here.” Gabriel grabbed Jake’s chin and made him watch Levi instead. “Don’t worry about them. Or do you mind an audience?” He dropped a sensual kiss to Jake’s inked neck.

“Fuck,” Jake breathed out, closing his eyes. “No. I don’t care.” He opened them again when he felt Levi’s fingers unzipping his pants. He stared hungrily and lifted his hips as Levi tugged down. Behind him, Gabriel was just as busy getting undressed.

Once they were naked, Jake fell back against Gabriel’s chest again as Levi kneeled between their legs and sucked Jake’s cock into his mouth. At the same time, Gabriel dipped down and gave Jake a bruising kiss. Goddamn. He could get used to this. He was being kissed until he couldn’t breathe, sucked and suckled as if all Levi wanted was his cum, and grabbed at like he was their new favorite toy.

Maybe I am.

Threading his fingers through Levi’s hair, Jake pushed the guy down to take more of him. In return, Levi moaned.

But Jake wasn’t a passive fuck. He didn’t want to just lie there. “Stop,” he muttered, at which Levi’s eyes flashed with disappointment. Jake chuckled and eased out of Gabriel’s embrace, only to push him down flat against the couch.

“Want something from me?” Gabriel placed his hands behind his head, as in…have at it. Jake intended to have it. He lowered his face to Gabriel’s crotch and nuzzled the base of his cock. “Levi, get over here.” Gabriel directed his boyfriend to sit on his face, and Jake moaned at the sight. As he sucked Gabriel’s cock hard and wetly, he kept his eyes forward, where Gabriel was rimming Levi.

Soon it was only the sounds and smell of sex surrounding them. They moved fluidly with each other, each body thrusting and writhing out of instinct. Their positions changed naturally and frequently. Their hunger for each other grew rapidly. Movements became greedy, rough, and urgent.

By now, Jake and Gabriel were on their sides; they were kissing hard and passionately, all while Levi laved their cocks with attention.

“Gabriel,” Levi pleaded.

“I know, baby.” Gabriel laughed and gave Jake a final kiss, a hard, demanding one. Then he told Jake to sit up and Levi to straddle him.

Jake ran a hand through his dark hair and did as he was told. He sat up on the couch, watching Levi with a little smirk, and stroked his dick lazily. His cool exterior didn’t give away what he really felt, which was crazed and beyond ready to sink his cock into a tight, sexy ass.

Jake received a condom, and Gabriel was rolling one on, too. Unless either had plans to fuck Jake…it meant it was about to get even tighter in Levi’s ass soon.

The second Levi straddled him, Jake pulled him in for a deep kiss while Gabriel lubed them up.

“Fuck,” Levi moaned. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

Jake grinned and dragged his blunt fingernails down Levi’s chest. “You should’ve acted on it sooner.” Fisting his slicked-up cock, he placed the tip to Levi’s ass and applied enough pressure to make them both groan. Next he put his hands on Levi’s hips and pushed past the tight ring of muscle and rocked deeper into his ass. “Yeah…” Amazing.

Gabriel lowered himself patiently and kissed Levi’s neck and shoulders. “Scoot down, Jake,” he murmured. “That’s it. Fucking perfect.”

For a moment, Levi was fucked slowly by Jake. And seduced by two men’s lips, tongues, and hands. Towering over Jake and Levi, Gabriel met them in a joined kiss as he added fingers to Levi’s ass.

Levi was going crazy. He wanted more, and he was willing to beg for it.

“Yeah, you love this.” Gabriel reached around Levi and stroked his dick. “Look at that—you’re leaking at the thought of two cocks pushing into your hot little ass.” Levi moaned as Gabriel began to push in his thick dick simultaneously with Jake’s.

Jake was gritting his teeth and holding his breath.

It took some time to let Levi adjust, but they were all too wound up to go slow forever. Gabriel and Jake stretched Levi’s ass with each buck of their hips, to which Levi only cried out for more. He was literally spurring on two men who liked it rough. And he got it. Over and over, Jake and Gabriel rammed into Levi.

Their muscles ached and protested, but chasing an orgasm made it easy.

Breathing shallowly and rapidly, Jake dropped his forehead to Levi’s neck. His fingers dug into Levi’s hips, and he thrust upward faster and faster, a pace matched by Gabriel. It was so goddamn tight. Jake could feel the beginning of a climax surging forward. His balls tightened, shivers ripped through him, and there was no holding back. No control.

Gabriel leaned in and kissed Jake demandingly. “You’re close.” Jake nodded jerkily and moaned, lost in ecstasy. “Come. Fill our boy up.”

That was all Jake needed. His body went rigid, his skin flushed, his eyes closed, and his orgasm shot through him.

Focused on his own pleasure, Jake only vaguely heard the sounds of Gabriel coming. It was when the shudders following his orgasm rolled through him that he opened his eyes again. It was just in time to see Levi surrendering to his own climax. With Gabriel jerking Levi’s cock between them roughly, Jake watched as spurt after spurt of cum landed on their chests, his and Levi’s.

They were all panting and shivering by the time they were done. Collapsed in a pile of tired limbs and satisfied expressions, there was nothing to do but stay put and regain their strength.

Then… who knew what was next?

By Bob Loving (@BoyOnBoyLoving)

Space—the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Jaxson. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Captain’s Log – Star Date: 2513.3.

After being overpowered by an unknown force, the Jaxson has been underway at warp seven for three days. We are currently entering orbit around Paraguay, a planet so far uncharted by the Federation.


Preparing for the worst and in the hope of saving his crew, Captain Jake T. Bass selects his most experienced men to accompany him to the planet’s surface, leaving the bridge in the capable hands of his lover and second-in-command, Mr. Cock.

“Kiss me and wish us luck.” He leans closer, puckering his lips.

“Is that logical, Captain?” The two men have never openly demonstrated their affections before.

The captain doesn’t hesitate, planting a passionate kiss on the Vulcan’s mouth and palming the bulge in his pants. “Keep it warm for me, Ricky.”

Ignoring the fact that the remaining crew on the bridge are pairing up and making out, Captain Jake heads to the transporter room with his band of trusty officers.

The men prepare themselves for departure.

“We’re ready to go.” He nods at his chief engineer. “Beam us down to Paraguay’s surface, Ty.”

Within seconds, the six men are standing on a dusty orange landscape, each of them tense and poised for confrontation. Two silvery moons are setting low on the horizon. A warm wind blows eerily around these nervous humans.

“Set your laser guns to stun.” Scanning the immediate vicinity, Captain Jake pulls out his weapon to adjust its settings.

“Hayden and JD, go east. Bravo Delta and Gabe head north towards the giant white sphere over there.” He points to a distant rocky cliff face. “Colby, you come with me to that cave.”

Before they can move towards their intended targets, six bare-chested guards in human form appear out of nowhere and surround the crew. Each of the guards looks similar—identical in fact—dark tousled hair, a tattooed muscular torso and a downright sexy ass.

The humans draw their weapons, only to find none of them work. Bravely, eager to protect his captain and colleagues, JD lunges towards the nearest soldier, wrestling him to the ground. He gains the upper hand, pinning him down and sitting firmly across his hips. The native life form returns his gaze, lustfully staring up into JD’s blue-green eyes. Hypnotized, as if under an erotic spell, sexual energy is drawn from the human, imparting strength to the alien. JD grinds himself wantonly, relishing the groans of desire emanating from the exotic creature beneath him.

Gaining control of the situation, Captain Jake grips JD by the upper arms, dragging him to his feet, and breaking the magnetic connection between the two in the process. The air crackles with sexual tension.

The humans are powerless to resist. Waves of desire crash through them, their emotions going haywire. Colby manages to scan the alien life force while they are escorted to the white spherical building, thinking his device has malfunctioned when his machine detects only one alien being among them.

He leans closer to his companion. “Captain, beware. We may be experiencing hallucinations. This solitary creature appears to have taken control of our mental faculties.”

Adjusting his growing cock and noticing the erections in his men’s pants, Jake shakes his head slowly. “The starship was powerless to resist this creature and so are we, Colby. There is nothing we can do other than obey.”

Once inside the voluminous sphere, each officer is assigned a separate cell accompanied by one of the guards.

Captain Jake’s cell walls are stark white, the floors wooden. Light floods through the sheer net drapes on one side of the room. Hearing the door secured behind him, Jake is surprised when he detects the presence of another. He turns, only to be confronted by the love of his life.

“Ricky! How did you get here?” Jake draws his lover into his arms, pulling him down onto the black leather sofa.

With a playful grin, Ricky captures Jake’s chin in his hand. “Never mind about that for now.” His tongue swoops over Jake’s mouth, coaxing a whimper from his man. “I missed you.”

The earlier sexual attraction JD felt for his guard re-ignites when he crosses the threshold of his cell. The room reminds him of a hotel he stayed in long ago, with dark rosewood furniture and walls, and a large mirror above the dresser. The guard closes the door behind him and stands observing JD with lust. Growling, he pulls him in front of the mirror, kissing him with fervor.

Pulling apart to look at each other, JD hardly notices the man now resembles Ty, the chief engineer—the man whom he has fantasized about and jerked off to over the past four years.

Colby’s cell leads out onto a wooden deck overlooking the sea. In his eyes, the magnificent view truly is a thing of beauty. Dale, his best friend, is lounging in a deckchair, leisurely stroking his cock. His eyes close as he pleasures himself. Stepping through the open doorway, Colby sidles up to Dale. He pulls his throbbing cock out of his pants, in desperate need of relief.

Bravo Delta settles onto the comfortable bed in his luxurious cell, deep sleep only moments away. He dreams of a lean, blond boy slipping onto his bed, who eases out his dick, and sucks it into his warm, wet mouth.

Gabe strolls casually around the infinity pool outside his cell. The golden light reflects off the building behind him. He notices a familiar figure stretched out and dripping wet on the sun bed. He is thrilled to be sharing his prison cell with JD while they are staying on this most welcoming of planets. Not caring where the captain and the other officers are, he kneels beside this beautiful man—pleased they can spend time alone at last. In the throes of passion, Gabe fails to observe JD’s tattoo now says ‘Paraguay’ across his back.

In contrast to his companions, Hayden’s cell is gray and empty: an unwelcoming blank canvas. His accompanying guard pauses by the closed door, a little unnerved by what he sees.

Smiling, Hayden glances over the guard’s body. The angular tattoo of a heart monitor across his chest draws his attention first, before looking into the dark eyes of his captor. “Why are we here?” Hayden is the first of the crew to question their imprisonment.

His guard steps closer, chancing a smile at him. “Don’t worry. You will all be released shortly.”

Hayden glances around the plain room, still confused. Noticing the lens of a video camera in the corner of the room, he huffs with displeasure. “I object to being filmed, unless I can see the cameraman.”

“Take a walk with me, then? The guard flirts shamelessly, moving his body sexily as he walks towards the cell door.

Hayden eyes the tattooed letters etched across his back.


“This planet. My home.” The alien seems distracted by the human again. “I live here alone.”

Hayden’s eyebrows scrunch in confusion. “But you are many?”

“I have the ability to duplicate my form multiple times at once and metamorphose into a person’s most wanted desire.”

Still puzzled, Hayden paces the room. “You are in each of our cells simultaneously?”

Nodding slowly, the guard moves closer and places his hand softly on Hayden’s arm. “My name is Levi.”

“Am I seeing the real you right now?” Hayden definitely likes the figure standing in front of him.

“Yes. I don’t need to meddle with your mind, nor can I, even if I wanted to.” Realizing the truth, his skin flushes pink. “You are seeing your true soul mate.”

The two soon-to-be lovers walk along the corridor holding hands, beaming in the knowledge that they have found each other. Passing the doors to the other cells, erotic groans of pleasure echo from inside each of them.

Hayden raises an eyebrow and smirks. “You’re filming what’s going on inside these rooms with your other selves?”

Levi’s adorable blush arouses Hayden, making his groins throb and his knees weak.

“It can be a lonely existence living here by myself on this planet. I need some porn to watch until the next spaceship passes by. And don’t worry, your colleagues are more than willing participants.”

Laughing loudly, Hayden pulls Levi into a darkened corridor, pushing him against the wall. “You have the power to control a vessel and all its occupants, yet I have power over you?”

Levi relaxes when Hayden’s arms snake around his back. “I gain my power from the sexual energy I draw from various life forms. You humans are a potent source for me.”

Leaning forward, Levi trails his lips down Hayden’s neck, nipping on his collarbone, before lifting his head and claiming his open mouth.

The alien drops to his knees nuzzling against Hayden’s groin, his body hot with desire.

Much later, the two soul mates sit on a bench overlooking the deserted planet, discussing their future.

“Stay here with me, please.”

“Come back to Earth instead, Levi.”


After many pleasure-filled days with their perfect mate, the captain and his crew are well and truly sated. In a dazed state of euphoria, they prepare to return to the Jaxson.

Not wanting to be left alone, Levi packs a case with some of his belongings, gives his planet a farewell glance, and is beamed aboard the spacecraft with the other men.

Dr. McCoy checks over their physical and mental health while Captain Jake debriefs his men. Apart from Hayden and Levi, who feign ignorance, no one can recall the events of the past few days on planet Paraguay.

In the spirit of bonhomie, Levi is accepted on board the U.S.S. Jaxson, signing up to train as a new recruit. Freely relinquishing his control over the minds of others as well as the spaceship, he aims to become the best officer in the fleet.

That evening, Levi spends time with his soul mate in the quarters they now share, entertaining Hayden with his dancing prowess. Later, the two lovers settle down to watch the first of five very hot and steamy videos Levi managed to retrieve from his video cameras before leaving Paraguay.

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    These stories are all amazing! All the writers should be so proud!

    January 7th, 2014 7:08 pm

    Reading these has been a much-needed boost to a slightly shit-tacular day. I’m just saying, it would’ve been nice to be wearing clothes when I got locked outside the house in freezing temperatures in my new neighborhood. Met my next door neighbor, though; nice (if somewhat scandalized) lady.

    Sex with Friends: This terrifically builds on the chemistry of the Levi/Hayden scene, portraying a friends-with-benefits-who-also-kinda-dig-each-other sweetness. The ease and genuine feel of their interaction echoes every good thing we’ve come to know and love in our CockyBoys’ scenes. Loved!

    Bedtime Stories: I almost couldn’t read because MY HEART; I can’t take even fictional!Max crying. Glad I pushed through to the schmoopy goodness that is this story. I like that this played on how we all love the Jake/Max bond and how we can’t help but ship their collective adorable at least a little. Very sweet. :)

    New Toy: When Jake confidently introduces himself to Gabriel, in my head he adds “bitches” to “I’m Jake Bass” lol. Can we assume he did, in fact, get the job? I hardly think another applicant could match Jake’s dedication. ;)

    Final Frontier: AHAHAHAHAHA! Oh dear Jesus. Where are words for this?

    Your geek phasers are set to maximum and taking perfect aim with every shot. Love how you incorporate past CockyBoy scene pairings throughout. And I LOL’d @ the landing party to Paraguay! Of course we could guess exactly what species would be found there.

    God, you guys. SO GOOD, all around!

    January 8th, 2014 1:01 am

    YAY! I loved them all the stories but of course, have a couple of favorites. :)

    January 8th, 2014 1:57 am

    Wow! I loved all 8 entries in different ways. Congratulations to all the authors and thank you for sharing. Good luck in the placements. Can’t wait to see who comes out on top!

    January 8th, 2014 3:23 am

    Thank you! Congrats to all the finalists and everyone who entered this fabulous contest. Can’t wait to watch the winner’s video! So exciting …

    Bob Loving
    January 8th, 2014 5:51 am

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