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by Cilantro C. Guevara

As promised, here’s the second batch of the 8 finalists of our first ever CockyBoys Fan Fiction Contest! If you’re just catching up, we challenged our fans to write and send us a “fan fiction” story with a few guidelines, mainly that his or her story include at least one of our CockyBoys models as a character, with prizes aplenty for the winners.

In addition to announcing the finalists on The Cocky Beast, we will be emailing each of you individually later this week so you can claim your prize: one CockyBoys, Jake Jaxson, or Benny Morecock DVD of your choice! Take a gander over at Studmall for your selection. If for some reason you do not receive an email from us, just shoot me a message over at

Watch out tomorrow for the announcement of our 2nd runner up! And keep in mind — the 2nd runner up, the 1st runner up, and the grand prize winner were all chosen by Jake, RJ, and Benny themselves, so you know they’ll be a doozy! We even enrolled CockyBoys graphic design extraordinaire @thepornpup to meticulously illustrate each story with beautiful Photoshop masterpieces.

But first, here’s the second half of our 4 finalists in no particular order (with title graphics by @reallushusljs!):

By this_nick

“What kinda name is Pittstown, anyway?  They shoulda just called it Shitsville.”

“Who the fuck is named Dirk Merriweather?  That’s not even a real name.”
“I bet he made it up.  His real name’s probably something lame like ‘Dick Johnson.’  Wait.  That would be funny!  Like, both his names would mean cock!  Or if he was Peter-”
“Shut the fuck up, Max!”  Jake finally shot back in aggravation.  After nearly seven hours of vehicular captivity, the sound of Max’s voice was like steel nails on a chalkboard.  For the fiftieth time, Jake regretted getting dragged into this impromptu trek across the state.
“Calm the fuck down!  It’s not my fault your boyfriend’s a catfish.”
Jake gripped the wheel tighter and inhaled deeply, hoping to breathe in not just air but the common sense not to push Max out of the moving car.  “He’s not a catfish.”
Despite the hours of incessant chatter, they were only on this trip so Jake could shut Max the fuck up.  Of course, he hadn’t stopped talking since they left the city, confident he’d prove Jake’s online boyfriend an internet fraud.  And Jake was just as confident he’d prove his guy was the real deal.
Well, almost.
“Jake, think about it.  He can afford to send you presents, but can’t get a new web cam?”
Jake bristled.  “It’s not just his web cam; his computer’s not working right.”
Max rolled his eyes.  “His iPhone, either?”
“He doesn’t have an iPhone.  I told you already; he’s old school.”
“Oh my God, Jake.  Thank God you’re pretty, because you are so-”
“Fuck you, Max!  If you call me stupid, you can walk home.  I mean it.  I’m fucking done with this right now.  Don’t talk to me.  Do.  Not.”
For ten minutes Max didn’t, opting to let Jake seethe in silence.  But with only a couple of miles left on their journey, he tried to break the tension.  “I wasn’t gonna say ‘stupid.’  I was gonna say ‘trusting.’  Really.”
Jake tried not to crack a smile, and failed.  “No you weren’t.”
Max answered the smirk with one of his own.  “Okay, no I wasn’t.  But you are too trusting.  What if this guy’s an ax murderer?”
This time Jake smiled brightly.  “Then I’ll push you at him while I make my getaway.”
“Relax, bro,” Jake responded.  “I’ll call 9-1-1 after I get away.”
“Oh wow – thanks Jake.  Thanks a lot.”
As they neared the rural address outside of Buffalo, Jake struggled to combat the ever-growing wave of something that felt a lot like nausea.  But he wasn’t car sick.  He was, however, showing up unannounced at the home of the boyfriend he’d only ever spoken to online or by phone.  That was enough to put his stomach in knots.
“Jake, what if this isn’t where he really lives?  What if he’s not even in New York?”
Just like that, Jake’s annoyance was back tenfold.  “Are you fucking kidding me right now?  Are you even fucking serious?  Goddammit, Max!  We’ve been in this car for seven.  Fucking.  Hours.  And now you wanna tell me maybe it’s the wrong place?”
“I don’t know; I just thought of it.  Anyway, I thought you believed in this guy one hundred percent?”
“I do,” Jake replied too quickly.  “He’ll be here.”  Even he couldn’t say for sure which of them he was trying to convince.  Seven hours trapped with Max’s suspicions about Jake’s boyfriend had taken their toll.  It was technically possible the return address on Jake’s gifts wasn’t actually Dirk’s.  Still, there was no way in hell Jake would admit that.
When they pulled up to the driveway, Jake was heartened by the hand-painted calligraphy on the mailbox.  Just one word. Merriweather.
Know Max read it, too, he couldn’t resist snarking, “told you so.”
Max ignored the taunt.  “I can’t even believe we found it.  Everything looks the same around here.”
That was true; the landscape consisted of bland trees and aggressive boredom.  Jake totally got why Dirk talked about selling the house, and getting them a place together in the city.  With their combined incomes, they could manage it.
Jake also got why Max was so skeptical about the relationship.  But that was just because he’d never talked to Dirk.  Once he knew him like Jake did – okay, not like that, but appropriately well – then he’d be supportive.
Max was a pain in the ass, but in the way a best friend’s supposed to be.  He was just looking out for Jake.  And once his friend met his boyfriend, everything would be fine.
“You ready, bitch?”  Only Max could make that sound like a term of endearment.
“I’m fucking coming,” Jake assured, then spent the next two minutes pulling at stray locks he imagined were out-of-place.
“Hurry the fuck up!  I wanna see Liam Hemsworth!”
Jake had shown Max the many photos Dirk sent.  If his boyfriend wasn’t quite a Hemsworth, he was damn near close.  Jake wanted to look perfect for this surprise meeting, even though Dirk wouldn’t be anything but glad to see him.  He was always telling Jake how much he wished he could take time off work to come visit him.
Jake finally exited the car to join an impatient Max.  He walked much more slowly up the footpath, though, and fell behind his friend.  Max noticed, and grabbed his arm to pull him along faster.
“This is it,” Max declared when they reached the front door, echoing Jake’s thoughts exactly.  “Ring the doorbell.  Nevermind, I will.”  It was probably good he did, since Jake didn’t know if he’d have remembered how to do that in this moment.
It seemed like the next seconds flew by, and stretched on endlessly at the same time.  When he saw the knob began to rotate, everything in Jake screamed at him to turn and run, rather than risk finding out he was unwelcome.  Still, his body was paralyzed in place, making that action physically impossible.The door finally opened to reveal a tall and attractive man… well into his sixties.  Fuck.  Jake searched the man’s eyes, awaiting the moment of recognition, but none came.  The three of them stood silently until the older man finally said, “Can I help you boys?”
Max couldn’t help mutter under his breath, “I bet he’d like to help us.”  Jake elbowed him sharply, uncaring if the stranger noticed.
“We’re sorry to bother you,” Jake began, “but I’m looking for Dirk Merriweather?”
The man nodded.  “You found him.  Am I under arrest?” the old guy said, laughing at his own joke.“Uh…,” Jake stammered, realizing the man really didn’t know who he was, but that he did bear a resemblance to the man in Dirk’s photos.  “Do you have a son?”
“Ah.  You want the Junior, then.  People usually do.  I’ll get him for you.”
As the old man disappeared into the house, Max couldn’t contain himself.  “He lives with his dad?  Did he tell you that?”
“No Max; I didn’t ask.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Besides, you saw what the dad looks like.  Obviously Dirk is for real.”
The door opened again before Max could reply.  This time, a younger man answered the door.  To his credit, he did bear a passing resemblance to Liam Hemsworth… if Liam had severe male-pattern baldness, an impressive beer gut instead of killer abs, and oh yeah – had just turned forty-five.
There was no mistaking the look of instant recognition in the junior Merriweather’s eyes.  It was immediately followed by an expression of what could only be sheer panic.  “Jake?  What are you doing here?!”
Until that moment, Jake had been struggling for something to say.  Being treated as if he was the one in the wrong took care of that.  “What am I doing here?  I thought I was visiting my boyfriend.  Aren’t you happy to see me?”
Dirk appeared to scramble for words himself.  “No… YES… I wasn’t expecting you!  It’s just not a good time.  If I had known you were coming – but my dad’s visiting.  I’m not out to him yet; I was gonna tell him this weekend.”
At Dirk’s genuine explanation, Jake felt guilty for getting angry.  The guy had tricked him; that was true.  But all he’d really done wrong was send photos of his younger, hotter self.
Jake remembered his own nervousness back in the car, when he worried about meeting someone hotter than himself.  Now, he noticed Max looking at him expectantly, waiting for Jake to walk away from Dirk and head back to the car.  No.  No.  He wasn’t going to be shallow; he was better than that.
Dirk had been honest about the important stuff.  His name was real.  His home was real.  And the many intense conversations they’d had, sharing personal things they’d never share with other people – those were real.“I’m sorry, Dirk,” Jake said with sincerity.  “I didn’t mean to make things hard for you.”  He reached forward, squeezing Dirk’s hand with compassion.  “What you’re doing is really brave.”
Without turning in his direction, Jake could feel Max’s look of astonishment aimed squarely at him.  Jake knew he’d expected an outburst, and he loved defying Max’s expectations.  As Dirk squeezed back, he said, “thanks for understanding.  I’ll call you when I can.”
The grip on Jake’s hand suddenly tightened, then released just as quickly.  “You have to go.  My sister’s coming.  I can’t explain to her who you are right now.”
Jake turned to see the station wagon – an honest-to-God station wagon – heading up the long driveway.  “Okay,” he responded, spontaneously giving Dirk a supportive hug.  Dirk froze, clearly worried his sister would question Jake.  “I’ll talk to you soon,” Jake added before releasing the other man.Jake walked to the car with Max in tow.  They reached it just as the other vehicle pulled up alongside them.  As Dirk’s sister stepped out, she offered a friendly greeting.  “How are you boys today?”“We’re good – how ’bout you?”  Jake cringed that Max had stopped to talk.
“Get in the car, Max,” Jake said firmly, giving the woman what he hoped would pass as a polite nod.  “We’ve got a long drive.”

“Oh, you boys drive safe,” she answered affably.  “Why just the other day, my husband took that bend on Millsburg Road a little too fast, and almost ended up in the ditch!”

Husband.  Her husband.  Jake looked back to the front door, where a very guilty-looking Dirk stood nervously.  Double fuck.

He turned back to Max, who stood on the passenger side of the car with his mouth agape.  “Let’s go,” Jake commanded as he opened the driver’s side door and quickly slipped in.  He began backing the car out before Max had both feet inside.

“Oh.  My.  GOD.  Do you think they have kids?  You’ll be like, a stepmom!  You could do mom stuff.  Like bake shit and wear Spanx.  I mean, if they got divorced.  Can you be a stepmom if the dad doesn’t divorce the mom?”

“Shut up, Max.”

“He doesn’t look like Liam Hemsworth anymore – that’s for damn sure.  Guess this kills your dream of being his Miley.”

“Shut up, Max.”

“If he doesn’t divorce his wife, but marries you anyway – wait, what’s that called?  You’ll be a sister wife!”


By Daniel Wolff

Dear Jake, 
It is hard to leave someone as loving and beautiful as you are. I can’t deny that you brought out the best in me and forever will I cherish the years that we spent as a couple. There are some things that we simply have no control of or can fight through, though. And lately things are not going well for the two of us anymore. Believe me, I hoped for things to go back the way they used to be. But the more each day pass us by, the more it felt like we are no longer meant to be together, and I knew some things just have to end.
They used to say parting ways is such sweet sorrow, and maybe that’s what’s best for us, after all. But I want you to know that I have loved you and you will always be my first love despite our relationship not turning out the way most happy ending stories do. I will never forget the first time your eyes flashed against mine and I heard my heart in deafening drum beats. You came into my life when I was at my worst and you took all the pain away, showing me that love does heal all wounds. I never regret meeting you and our memories together will always have a special place in my heart.
I am writing you this letter to say my goodbye. I am boarding the plane to Stockholm a few hours from now and I intend to stay there for good this time. I know this is not how you wanted our relationship to end but I do hope that someday you will forgive me for doing this. You are a sweet guy, Jake, and you do not deserve the damage that I have caused you. You have a loving heart that I broke and played with, but I do wish that you find the right man who will repair it and make you the happiest. I may now be a chapter in your life just waiting to be closed but I have loved you, Jake, I really did. And I hope that you’ll be able to move on soon ’cause I’ll also try my best to.
Till then, 
Staring at the strangers from my window, while hearing the rumbles of the angry sky, I recited Mason’s goodbye letter in my head. “Has it really been three years already?” I thought. Everything still feel like yesterday and I haven’t gotten to the part where I’ve moved on and lived my life the way it is supposed to be. I am still hurting from the fact that the man that I loved and thought I would be spending the rest of my life with, decided to leave a letter in my apartment one fateful day and cut the thread loose that bound our years together as a couple. 
On that day, I went to the airport to check every airline flying to Sweden and asked if there’s a Mason Star who booked a flight to them. But all I got is a puzzled look and a big NO. Days passed me by but I am still eager to know where he might have gone. I went to his apartment, went to every place he could possibly be, I called his friends and even called his parents living in Stockholm, but they are all as clueless as I am to where he might actually be. I started to feel like he never wanted to be found. 
“What have I done wrong?” I keep asking myself the same question every night while looking at our photos glued on the wall in my room. I wonder how he can possibly do this to me. I wonder why it all seemed as if my feelings were entirely oblivious to him and I became a stranger he might chance an encounter in a bus but would never know. He suddenly turned into a ghost and our relationship concluded with no final punctuation mark.
The years went on and the seasons changed from winter, spring, summer, and fall. The hands of the clock continued to move and the time went by. Looking back, this is the part where I should have moved on already. The part where I should wake up in the morning with a guy resting his head on my chest, and the part where I am now in a new and happy relationship after leaving the past to rest. But I’ve never gotten over him. I never moved on and I am still in love with him despite what he’s done and turned me into. 
My days got lonelier and the spaces between my fingers became forever empty. I grew envious of the happy strangers I would run into and I can no longer stand seeing a couple holding each other’s hands while taking a walk in the park. Loneliness has been my companion while I long for the warmth of his skin against mine and touch of his embrace whenever he makes love to me. I had hoped to move on and eventually forget him, but he’s been there all along – at the core of my heart, the lobe of my brain, and the feel of my soul. And I still miss him every second of everyday.
Lost in thought, I was surprised by how much time had passed when I looked at my clock hanging on the wall. The pitch dark horror of the night time sky lay weary as the rain continue its heavy downpour. Feeling the cold breeze circling at the corners of my room, I lay myself naked on my bed and moved my right hand to my crotch. I closed my eyes and thought of Mason – his beautiful grey eyes, the silhouette of his nose, the smoke of his breath, his voice in my ears, the touch of his lips, and his perfect body pressed against mine. 
My body tensed as I continued stroking. I thought of all the times Mason and I made love to each other. I thought of how gentle and passionate the two of us were during those moments, how he used to caress every inch of my body with his hands, how great his lips felt as he kissed me on my ears, my neck, and my arms, and how we used to wake up in the morning with our bodies wrapped up in each other. 
My breathing went heavy. 
I continued stroking as fast as I can until I can no longer contain the feeling and let out the beasts resting within me.
I heaved a deep sigh. 
I lay motionless and waited for my heart beat to go back to its normal pace. 
When it did, I imagined Mason lying on the bed with me and thought to myself:
“Tomorrow, it’s still the dangling question of where he might have gone and why our relationship ended this way that I have yet to live through again. I may still go through the same cycle of longing for his presence from waking up in the morning to closing off the curtain in the night, but not tonight. Tonight was different. Having a moment with myself while looking back on our memories in my head, made me feel even for that briefest instant, that we are almost together again.
It is true, it is tough to actually let go. Some people even spend their lives living in the past. But what else can we do? There’s that bit of hope left in us that screams “Things can still go back the way they used to be, no matter how impossible they might be” Maybe it is right. We just have to keep hoping no matter what. After all, we’ve got nothing else left to lose.”

By @cindyls1969

Ty sat in his room and waited for Jake and Asher to show up. He was looking forward to his scene today. When he’d first met Asher, the younger man had taken one look at Ty and practically bared his throat in submission and he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him since.

He had been sure that once Jake had found out what he was that his porn career would be over, but the Cockyboy’s boss had surprised him. The fact that Ty was a shifter hadn’t seemed like too much of a big deal to him and he’d only smiled at Ty’s confession and reassured him that they could work around it.

And they had. Ty shot only with guys who were submissive enough to not be a challenge to his wolf and if they weren’t a challenge then it brought out his protective side. JD and Max had been perfect and GoGo had just made him laugh. He was looking forward to dinner with him later in the week.

But right now he could smell Asher coming down the hall and the kid was definitely aroused. Ty had watched Asher’s videos and he couldn’t wait to feel that beautiful body writhing beneath him.

When the knock came on the door, he got up and let in Jake and Asher. Jake and Ty had both agreed that not having anyone else around made it easier for Ty to control his possessive urges. The threesome with Hayden and Levi had been hot, but he knew that he’d scared Hayden a little with all the growling he’d done over sharing Levi.

Jake grinned at him and shook his hand while Asher smiled up at him almost shyly.  “I see you’re ready to go.” Jake gestured at his sweats and Ty shrugged.

“Not much point in getting dressed.” He knew a lot of people thought he was an ass because he was so abrupt, but Jake just seemed to take it in stride.

“Nope, there isn’t.” Putting his camera bag down, he fished out what he needed and walked to the end of the bed.  “Still with the mirrors I see.”

It was Ty’s turn to grin. “Makes it easier to keep an eye on myself.”

Jake raised an eyebrow but didn’t comment. While he fiddled with the camera, Ty turned to Asher. “You okay?” The kid smelled like sex and sweat and a little bit like fear.

“I’m fine.” Asher’s voice was almost as deep as Ty’s and the low timber seemed to creep up his spine and into his wolf-mind.

He reached up and ran his fingers through Asher’s hair, making him moan quietly. “Christ, Ash, you got me fucking hard already.” Leaning in, he nuzzled in behind his ear, taking in deep breaths of his sweet smell.

The kid had come off a little cocky in his solo, but when Ty wrapped his arms around him, he practically melted. Picking him up, he settled Asher gently on the bed and started stripping his clothes off.

“Getting started without me guys? Eager much?” Jake chuckled and grabbed his camera before fading into the background.

Ty growled low in his throat as he nosed into all the softest spots on Asher’s body as he undressed him. He nipped at the sensitive skin behind his ear before pulling off Asher’s t-shirt and leaning down to tug at his nipple with his teeth.  The younger man thrashed and whined below him.

“You smell good.” Levering himself up, Ty made sure that Asher wasn’t really scared before biting at his bottom lip. He took his mouth in an intense kiss, growling again as Asher brought his hands up and started running them over Ty’s chest and back. “Taste good too.”

Ty loved kissing. There was something primal and possessive about it that made it almost more intimate than the sex itself. Asher fought him for control a little causing Ty to grab him by the hair and pull his head back, exposing his throat. Asher whimpered as Ty bit down on the tender skin and left a bruise he was going to have to apologize for later. Leaving marks was a no-no in this business.

Asher lifted his legs and wrapped them around Ty’s waist, trying to grind against him and Ty decided that they needed to be more naked right now. Dislodging Asher’s legs, he stood beside the bed and pulled off his sweats before popping the button on Asher’s jeans and ripping them off along with his shoes. His underwear came off with the pants and he was naked, hard and leaking on Ty’s bed. “Fuck.”

He crawled back onto the bed, up between Asher’s legs, nipping at the tender skin of his inner thighs. He had to keep a tight grip on his wolf because it wanted Asher badly and kept fighting to get free and claim him.

Ignoring Asher’s cock, he pushed his legs back and licked his balls, savoring the stronger smell of sweat there. Asher had shaved since the last video he’d made with Zach and if his reaction was anything to go by, it left his skin soft and sensitive.

Asher had one hand wrapped around the headboard and the other in Ty’s hair, not pulling, just trying to urge Ty’s mouth where he wanted it to be. Ty ignored him and grabbed him by the hips to flip him over. The kid had admitted to preferring to be on his stomach when he was fucked and Ty wanted that desperately.

He pushed at the back of Asher’s thighs until he tucked his knees up and opened himself completely to Ty’s gaze. “Don’t move sweetheart. Gonna make you feel so good.”

Asher pushed back. “Come on, man, fuck me already.”

Ty smacked his ass and bit down on the swell of it before licking over the small hurt. “I will…when I’m good and ready.” He pulled Asher’s cheeks apart and licked him from taint to tailbone before going back to lap at the puckered skin around his hole. He smelled of soap and musk here and Ty spit and licked until all he could taste was Asher.

Taking his time, he worked him open until Asher was crying out with every thrust of his fingers and fucking himself back hard.

“You ready for me Asher? Want me to fuck you?” Ty knew the vibrations of the words against him would be driving Asher crazy and grinned when he threw Ty a scowl over his shoulder.

Ty sat up and pushed between Asher’s knees and grabbed the lube and condom from the bedside table. He ripped open the package and quickly rolled it down his cock before popping the cap on the lube and drizzling some on his fingers to work into Asher. Once he was satisfied Asher was ready, he slicked up his cock and tossed the bottle to the other side of the bed.

Leaning over Asher, he pushed his cock against him and slid his hands up until their hands were tangled together. He turned his head to whisper in Asher’s ear. “Let me in baby.”

He slid in slowly, not stopping until he was balls deep. “Tell me when I can move.”

Asher took a few deep breaths and then nodded. “Do it.”

They’d both forgotten about Jake’s presence and gotten caught up in the moment. Ty pulled out slowly then pressed back in, changing his angle until Asher cried out. “Like that cock? Feels good, doesn’t it?”

Asher nodded frantically. “Yeah. Do it harder.” His voice was rough as sandpaper and Ty liked it.

“Gonna come for me Ash? Let everyone see how much you like my cock?” He pulled Asher’s hips up enough that he could his hand under him and stroke his cock as he fucked into him harder and harder. Ty was growling low in his chest almost constantly and he knew he couldn’t drag it out too much longer without his wolf taking over.

There were no sounds in the room beyond their panting breaths and the slap of flesh against flesh. At one point, Jake moved in to take a close-up and Ty turned his head and bared his teeth, growling a warning to the other man. Jake backed off immediately and Ty turned back and bit down into Asher’s shoulder. It took all his restraint to not break the skin.

Taking a deep breath, he looked over at Jake. “Gotta end it.”

Jake nodded and moved around so that he could get the right angle.

Ty slipped one arm around Asher’s waist and pulled him up so that he was straddling him, his back pressed against Ty’s chest. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hold the position for long so he growled in Asher’s ear. “Touch yourself. I wanna see you come.”

Asher complied immediately and Ty hooked his chin over Asher’s shoulder so he could watch. He lifted one hand to Asher’s neck, pushing his head sideways so he could kiss his neck. The other was pressed against Asher’s chest, one long finger sweeping over the pebbled skin of his nipple.

Asher lifted himself as best he could, fucking forward into his fist before grinding back down onto Ty’s cock, his moans getting louder and louder. “Holy fuck…gonna come.”

Ty bit his earlobe and growled again. “Do it.”

Asher cried out as he exploded all over his hand and chest and Ty thrust up into him through the aftershocks. Once the spasms around his cock had stopped, he pushed Asher forward on the bed and pounded into him. It didn’t take long before he had to pull out and quickly strip off the condom so he could come all over Asher’s back and ass.

When the world came back into focus, he let himself collapse on the bed and smiled when Asher lifted himself enough to fall against his chest and kiss him. “That was fucking hot. You growl like an animal when you fuck.”

Ty looked at him for a second and then turned his head to look at Jake. They both burst out laughing at the same time. Asher looked at them like they were nuts before pushing himself off the bed and heading for the bathroom.

Watching him walk away, Ty’s cock twitched and he wondered if the kid would be up for round two in the shower.

By dragontattoo75

Zach’s hand trembles when he lifts it up to press the rusty doorbell. It’s one of those intricate types, designed in wrought iron, though years of corrosion have rendered it useless. Can this really be someone’s home?

Clenching his hand into a fist, he tries to compose himself. This is his job now, so he needs to man up.

His ass burns when he shifts his weight from foot to foot. The plug is still in its place, where he’d inserted it with a lot of patience and lube, as he’d been instructed. Its presence makes it impossible to forget why he’s here, the pressure sending sparks through his lower abdomen each time he bends forward. It’s so foreign.

Drawing deep breaths, he tries to relax, but the tightness in his stomach won’t go away no matter what he does. What he’s here for, he’s done to others, jerked off to countless times watching videos, and he’s in the hands of a pro. This is his choice; what he wants.

Before he chickens out, he knocks hard on the door. Whoever opens the door must’ve been standing right inside, waiting. Zach’s fist still hangs awkwardly in midair.

Peeking inside the dark hall, he hears a deep voice rumble, “Yeah?” before a tall figure appears. Ty stands in military boots, tight, dark jeans—ripped at the knees—a plum henley. He stares with stormy eyes. Zach’s mouth goes dry.

“Well?” The man’s eyes run over Zach’s form, scrutinizing from head to toe, making him feel naked and clumsy in his own skin. This was such a bad idea.

Zach opens his mouth to say he’s changed his mind—he’s clearly not as ready as he thought—but the man turns into the darkness. “I’m in the living room. You can go home or come inside, boy. I don’t care.” Then he’s gone, leaving Zach to make the decision on his own.

Zach’s fantasized about it for months, years, but there’s been no opportunity until now.

Honestly, that’s a lie.

If he’d worked for it, he would’ve had the chance a long time ago. He’s seen the way some of those guys at the training studio back home in Dallas looked at him, like they wanted him. That way. Perhaps he hadn’t tried hard enough. Perhaps he was afraid.

Now he’s committed, signed a contract, told his boss he’d do it. And Ty agreed. If Zach retreats from his deal, the consequences might be unemployment. He’s really liked everything up until now: kissing, the fleshjack, fucking a man. But this is different. Now he’ll have someone’s dick inside him. He’ll get fucked by Ty—the buff guy with the most intense look Zach’s ever seen.

Ty doesn’t seem like the type who cares about people’s aura’s, to play the piano, or take pleasure in making others laugh. He’s domineering, tough, experienced.

Zach takes a step forward, over the threshold, into the darkness.

He finds the man in the middle of the room, sitting in a heavy, wooden armchair, like something their bosses have found in an antique shop. Ty’s still fully dressed, hands relaxed on the armrests, his gaze boring into Zach’s.

“You’re wearing the plug.”

It’s not a question.

Zach nods anyway, thinking about making a joke about it, but keeps quiet. Waits.


An order. Okay, he can do that. Zach’s not shy about his body.

He stifles a groan when he bends over, the pressure there increasing. He pulls off his sneakers and tennis socks, and rises up to rip off his wife-beater.


Zach’s hand freezes on the fabric behind his head.


His throat tightens, and he swallows noisily. No way he can get hard for this.

He glides the top over his head, feeling the cool air hit his sweaty skin, his nipples hardening as shivers runs up his sides. He glances up to Ty’s face. The man’s eyes are dark, hooded, devouring him.

Zach wiggles his ass, feeling the unfamiliar silicone filling him up. Completely.

“C’mere.” Ty beckons him over with his finger. Zach finds himself slowly approaching, stopping when big, warm hands grab his waist. “You did like I told you?” Ty looks up, his eyes telling what his voice doesn’t—Ty wants him.

Zach nods eagerly, instantly more at ease. He knows he’s wanted, and knows Ty will take care of him, make it good.

“Then show me.”

“Uhm, you want me to . . . “ Zach swirls his finger.

“Turn around and show me your hole.”

The man’s words go straight to Zach’s dick, warmth spreading up his neck, his pulse increasing.

His fingers tremble, fumbling with the button and zipper. Zach turns, letting his shorts fall to his feet. Ty grips his ass cheeks, pressing him forward.

Zach catches himself before he falls on his face, standing with his ass in the air, embarrassed. “Ah, okay, I can do that.”

Ty slaps his ass cheek, the sting burning a second later. Then Zach moans. Loudly.

“Fuck! Your ass!” Ty groans, breath flushing against Zach’s sensitive area, his blood pumping. “Stand still while I fix you.”

Zach’s arms threaten to give in while the plug exits his body, his own muscles helping.

Ty grunts behind him, slapping his cheek again. “You’re open and ready for me. Your body’s asking for it.”

Zach feels blood singing in his veins, and pants.

“Now. Stand up.”

Zach straightens up, catching himself from falling by gripping Ty’s massive shoulder. The man’s gaze shoots up to Zach.


Zach bites his lip, lightheaded.

Unbuckling his belt, Ty works his own jeans open in his lap and fishes out his hard cock. Fuck! Zach gulps. That’s got to be at least nine inches. I can’t do it.

“Stop doubting yourself!” Ty barks.

Zach’s eyes snap up. All right. Ty knows what he’s doing. If Zach didn’t have his attention focused on the nine inches, he’d sense the aura surrounding Ty. Red. The color of blood.

Ty has the condom rolled on, fingers smeared with lube. “Foot up here.” He pats the side of the chair. Zach complies. No way is he in any condition to make decisions on his own right now. He’s going to sit . . . on that!

Swallowing hard, he braces himself.

“Don’t tense up! Relax!”

Ty’s voice leads him, slick fingers penetrating his loose hole, warm and good.

Zach’s dick jerks in interest.

“That’s right. You’ll like this.”

Ty’s voice is soothing. Blood is pumping in Zach’s arteries and out into the vessels, showing how much he likes it. A keening sound fills the air, and the second he realizes it’s him making it, Zach snaps his mouth closed.

“No! Let me hear you!”

Zach reopens his mouth.

“Look at me.”

Zach opens his eyes, meeting Ty’s, and nearly falls over. “Fuck!” he utters, unable to move his eyes away from their connected gaze.

“Hey.” Ty’s voice is soft, one hand stroking Zach’s sweaty hair away from his face. “Sit up on your knees. Straddle me face to face. You set the pace.”

Zach nods eagerly. Good plan.

He climbs up in the man’s lap, knees on either side of rough jeans, gripping at the henley. Ty steers his own cock in the right direction, eyes never leaving Zach’s face. Zach feels the plump head press its way inside the rim. He sits down slow, so slow, his dick jumping when he feels Ty pressing where the plug was minutes ago.

“You like that?”

Zach moans, raises himself carefully, and sits back down. Up. Down.

“It’s good?”

Zach lets go of Ty with a hand. Has to touch himself.

He tugs at his dick, furiously.

“Yeah, just like that,” Ty groans in front of him, pressing at Zach’s bottom lip with his thumb. Zach eagerly sucks it into his mouth. “High-strung one, you.”

Not once does Ty lift his pelvis. Zach controls their pace completely. It’s so good.

He feels it too early, Ty’s dick in him, making him come. Like never before, Zach arches his back, and shoots out his fluids. All over his hand. Ty’s clothes. Up on the man’s neck. His pulse hammering.

Instantly Ty moves and holds Zach’s shoulders while spearing his way inside Zach’s used hole: Up. Up. Up.

“Shit!” Ty quickly pulls out, rips off the condom, and comes all over Zach’s chest, his head jerking back with a thump.

Zach falls shivering over Ty, who catches him before their foreheads collide.

“Ungh!” Zach moans, feeling like he’s floating. Ty groans deep in his ear.

They are still trying to catch their breath, Ty’s head lying on Zach’s shoulder.

He tries getting up from Ty’s lap, legs quivering, ass on fire. Now he feels it.


Zach’s head jerks up, threatening to make him fall. He turns.

His boss is there, clasping his shoulder. “Great job, guys. Awesome!”

Ty gets a squeeze. “Well done, Ty.”

Zach’s eyes seek Ty’s. This was a set-up.

Ty buckles his leather belt, not meeting Zach’s eyes.

Shouldn’t he have been told this was a scene? Humiliation flows through him and he slumps down onto the floor, naked and spent.

Then a hand reaches for his, pulls him up again and throws a soft robe over his shoulders. His boss stuffs an energy drink in his hand. “You did good. Perfect.”

His heart’s hammering. “You tricked me into believing this was a test. A try-out. Ty was supposed to show me the ropes.”

“And he did.”

Zach looks over to the chair. Ty’s staring back.

“It was a success. You didn’t even look over to us when you came inside the room. Didn’t look away from him.”

Ty rises, slowly approaching Zach like he’s a frightened animal. Fuck that!

“We didn’t get to kiss,” Ty says, taking Zach’s chin, lifting it up for warm lips to press in. Then it’s over, and Ty smacks his ass, strutting past him.

“Hey!” Zach yells after him, and when Ty turns, he winks.

Zach’s not sure he’ll ever want to watch this particular video, but this . . . this, he wants again.

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    Well, that made my day! Thanks guys!

    Cindy Sutherland
    January 7th, 2014 11:19 pm

    Max & Jake’s Love Trip: OMG @ the graphic! I love love LOVE it – thanks so much!

    And Holy Wall of Text, Batman! I (or Yahoo mail) clearly fucked up something in the formatting when sent; apologizes to all for the eyesore of this story. BTW, Miley & Liam broke up 2 or 3 days after the story was sent, which frankly seems somewhat rude on their parts. :D

    Bittersweet Nostalgia: Um. UM. Was there not a rule about not breaking our hearts? Because there should be. Poor fictional!Jake – whyyyyyyy?

    Seriously, l totally respect that you went in a different direction than we might have expected. Very relatable for anyone who’s ever had a broken heart!

    Growl: Ty/Asher is one of my favorite scenes (full disclosure: Ty/anyone is one of my favorite scenes), so I love that you chose this pairing. Great idea to utilize that whole primal vibe Ty gives off by having him be a shifter. You could expand upon the idea of Ty’s supernatural studliness by adding installments such as Vamp!Ty, Were!Ty (or is that the same as a shifter?), and Gods of Mount Olympus!Ty. Oh, wait — I suppose that last one’s just regular old Ty.

    Pumpin Blood: Dear the Fine Folks at CockyBoys, we will be needing a Zach/Ty scene STAT, k thx. Seriously, just love the idea of this pairing and you executed it well. Who better than Ty to introduce Zach to the joys of bottoming? Sexy, sexy stuff.

    Nice work, guys!

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