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by Nick Swallow

Ever since Jake Bass‘ and Max Ryder‘s momentous journey across America (taking in a few cocks along the way) was premiered on (I’m taking about Roadstrip, incase you were wondering), and especially since it’s explosive DVD launch. we’ve been inundated with requests to produce a safe for work, cock-free version of the trailer so, you know, people can show their moms what it’s all about.

Well, Cockyboys listened, and set the talented editor Cilantro Che Guevara up to the task of airbrushing (almost) every trace of (beautiful) filth from the Roadstrip trailer… leaving behind something still sassy, energetic and flirty but also the kind of thing you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen watching on the subway.

So dear reader please do check it out below, and share it with your friends- everyone needs some cocky love!

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