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by Nick Swallow

Cockyboys recently staged an invasion/takeover of Berlin club, with Ricky Roman, Levi Karter, Levi Michaels, Darius Ferdynand, Bravo Delta & Duncan Black wooing the crowd with their near-nakedness. The night was pretty special, not just because there were so many of the boys there, but because Cockyboys were staging a live try-out for guys who wanted to be an exclusive Cockyboy- the prize of the contest being a contract to perform on!

The lucky winner was Tayte Hanson, who impressed the crowd and director Jake Jaxson to the point of rapturous applause- expect to be seeing a lot more of this hot young man soon!


On the left Levi Michaels fondles Bravo Delta‘s big package, and on the right Levi Karter flirts with the nights winner Tayte Hanson


Levi Michaels and Darius Ferdynand get warmed up together on the left, while Levi Karter spanks Tayte Hanson


Hottie Duncan Black dances for cash on the left while Levi Michaels poses with blogger Miss Martine.


On top we have all the guys who took part in the ‘So You Want To Be A Cockyboy’ competition, along with Levi Karter & Ricky Roman. Ont the bottom left is the DJ and singer Cazwell, and Ricky Roman & Levi Michaels on the bottom right.


Here we have English hottie Darius Ferdynand showing off his six-pack, and Cockyboys director Jake Jaxson pops out from behind the velvet curtain.

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