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by Nick Swallow


Colby Keller is one heck of an ass pounder. But- I’m getting ahead of myself. This steamy scene starts off with Ricky Roman and Colby kissing on a bright white sheet, with sunlight streaming through the tall windows behind them. Instead of getting straight down to business they use some sex toys on each other- there’s one intense looking penis pump that gets Colby’s dick rock hard- and then the same for Ricky.


Now, those dripping dicks need something to do, right? Ricky is something of a power, or as I like to call him, professional bottom. He can take any dick he’s confronted with and take it well. He makes some incredibly expressive faces as he’s doing it- at one point Colby’s dick hits home and Ricky’s face just changes into a mask of pure ecstasy- trust me, you can’t fake that!


At this point Ricky has been riding Colby, keeping the older and larger man in check, but Colby is done with that- he wants to be free to pound until his cum is almost leaking out the end of his dick… so he flips Ricky, grabs his legs and slams into him, fucking the young tattooed stud until they’re both ready to pop…

Check out the trailer below and see the whole scene for yourself here!

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