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by Nick Swallow

Levi Michaels & Colby Keller were both interviewed prior to this sizzling scene and were obviously very attracted to each other- Levi remarks on Colby’s body- he was ‘blown away’ by it! And Colby remarks that Levi is ‘Funny? Sexy? Hell yes!’. That’s chemistry ladies and gentlemen- and in the words of Levi ‘this is gonna be hot…’


The guys start out sucking each others cocks- Levi has his lips around Colby’s thickness and gets it rock hard and wet, and then when Colby takes his turn Levi gets pretty dominant, grabbing Colby’s head and forcing him down balls deep. It’s hot to watch- especially knowing that in a minute Colby is going to get all dominant on Levi’s pert little ass!

As soon as Colby feels Levi’s tight hole parting for his cock he goes to town and really pounds into the smaller Levi. At one point he has Levi’s legs pushed all the way back over his head and just slams the young man into the couch, like he’s trying to fuck him all the way to the floor! It’s really amazing to watch a naturally dominant man do what he does best…


Colby fucks Levi hard until he’s about to pop- then makes Levi open his mouth and swallow up that big load he’s about to shoot!…

Check out the trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

    I am naturally attracted to red heads as my partner is a redhead and truly matches the attitude of Colby. Need to see more of him, for sure.

    March 10th, 2014 4:38 pm

    yay, more Colby.

    March 17th, 2014 2:57 pm

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