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by Quin

Chris Harder knows just how to bottom… and Connor Maguire knows exactly how to top. Put the two together and there’s no way to avoid the kind of sexplosion you get in Connor Maguire Fucks Chris Harder. Full of heat, passion and cum, this scene is sure to get you moaning as Connor sucks and fucks Chris. Read Jake Jaxson‘s summary of the scene below, and then go see for yourself!


Connor Maguire is exactly the type of guy Chris Harder likes — he’s tall, muscular, and built like the quarterback on a football team. And Chris is exactly the type of guy that attracts Connor. He’s a smooth talking, funny, and flirty bottom who just makes you smile being around him.

When Connor’s really into a guy, he always makes the first move, and he locked lips with Chris very early on. They both sucked each other’s cocks, 69’d, and rimmed, before Connor plowed Chris hard up against a window sill.

Chris is very verbal when he’s loving getting fucked, and he was moaning the whole way through with Connor. After the guys fucked doggy-style and missionary, Connor rewarded Chris with a facial he’ll not soon forget!


Jake Jaxson

“‘Harder & Maguire’ lol that should totally be a series! I love it! Connor was smiling and laughing with Chris and then the way Chris talks, how it’s kind of slow, unrushed and laid back, it’s so perfect. They’re both so chill with each other. Connor is really hot and of course so is Chris :) High fives all around for JJ, RJ, and the entire CB gang! Thanx for that! ‘Til the next update xoxo”

“Connor Maguire is really growing on me. Really like how affectionate he is. And Chris’s smile is just gorgeous! Liked the scene, especially the fingering is really hot!”
-Dorome 12/10/2014



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