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by Nick Swallow

Darkness Falls on Humanity in Answered Prayers, Jake Jaxson’s Most Appealing, Artistically Satisfying Film Yet

By: Aidan Cartwright

Jake Jaxson’s new series Answered Prayers is already a triumph. After viewing Part 1: The Banker, I can say that Jaxson’s melding of themes from Truman Capote’s novel of the same name and mythology, capped off with a moral lesson is the most polished work yet I’ve seen from a studio that continues to impress by taking chances. This appetite for risk has produced good returns here, as The Banker himself (Ricky Roman) might say.


But first some background- in comments made to the Village Voice Jaxson has said this series is a, “highly sexualized morality play.” Partly inspired by feelings of betrayal, lies, and shaded half-truths that rocked CockyBoys last summer following Jett Black’s departure from the company.

An interesting side note, at about the time Jett departed, perhaps a week before, I wrote a blog about his expulsion from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School as reported on CBC News. In that blog I compared Jett to the main character in the movie Black Swan, as portrayed by Natalie Portman. The character’s mental instability causes her to fall apart. She has two ‘faces’- one her own, and the other that of the Black Swan queen.


Seems the truth about Jett, AKA: Jeppe Hansen, wasn’t that far off. After this years Grabby Awards in Chicago (an award show for the adult industry) things went sour between Hansen and the company. Jaxson alleges that Hansen stole confidential company information. Shortly thereafter, Hansen’s contract as an exclusive model was terminated and he and CockyBoys went their separate ways.

In response Jaxson posted a blog entry of his own with a quote taken from the preface to author Truman Capote’s unfinished novel Answered Prayers. That quote is: “More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones,” and is attributed to Mother Teresa.


The novel by Capote was unfinished at the time of his death in 1984 from liver cancer, sped up by the man’s well-documented drinking and drug use. Excerpts of the novel had been published before Capote’s death – their portraits of the unseemly corners of high society resulted in Capote being shunned from many of the aristocratic circles he so enjoyed inhabiting. His ‘Answered Prayers’ truly did cause him to shed tears.

Back to the present; Jaxson’s blog entry about Jeppe Hansen’s departure set the tone for this new 5 part series. A tale about the evil in human nature and the consequences it can have, balanced by our better angels. These two poles are represented by supernatural beings Jinks (Jake Bass) and Molik (Max Carter). Molik is the character who represents Fear and is fighting Jink in a struggle for the, “hearts and mind of mankind.

In ‘The Banker’ the viewer is introduced to a Banker who clearly likes his pills, powders, and drink. In the wake of ongoing, very real financial scandals he is not happy with what he has become – the substances he uses are a crutch to lean on while living an otherwise miserable life.


When he is visited by Jink, our hero, who, “exists in the nothingness of the mind” the sexy supernatural being proceeds to use his collection of handsomely detailed scissors to cut away the Banker’s suit, and by implication the lies, deceit, and bad feeling in his life that are weighing down his soul.

Stripped bare, Jink proceeds to a more physical exploration of the Banker. Let me say, nobody looks as good on their knees sucking cock as Jake Bass. Watching him give Ricky Roman a blowjob was one of the highlights of the first part of the new series. Props go to whoever selected Jake’s costumes here – the lilac purple vest and white ascot he wears near the scene’s conclusion almost make him look more appetizing than when he’s naked (but not quite).

I can’t wait for Part 2 of Jaxson’s sexualized morality tale, which is coming out some time in December. For everyone paying attention the series is sure to bring home the power of overcoming Fear and responding to your moral compass in an age where news headlines would suggest Molik reigns supreme.

Next month’s scene will be based on another archetype: The Bully. Something tells me he’ll be paired with Molik…

Check out the extended trailer below and then go over and watch the whole thing yourself. 

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