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by Benny Morecock

Hunk sucks a mean cock

The title of this sexy video is “st8 giving head loads of cum.” At first, I thought the user meant to write “str8,” but it makes my dick ten times harder when I think of this hard-working stud as an undercover gay working for the state! Rep. Paul Ryan totally made politics sexy again (which is basically all he’s good for!) so part of me likes to think the owner of this dick is Mr. Ryan himself — too scared to reveal his butterface but having no problem spewing a load all over this naive hunk’s dimples.

Paul Ryan blowjob

And let’s just talk about this hunk for a second — hot damn does he know how to suck a cock! It reminded me of that frantic, desperate period of my sexual career where I was so excited to see a dick in my face for the first time that I didn’t care if I was good or bad at giving head. All I wanted to do was engulf the whole thing as soon as possible and not quit until my cheeks were all filled up like a chipmunk. This guy does a fantastic job and the cumshot in the end is well-earned.

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