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by Benny Morecock

My boyfriend and I have been experimenting a lot with “edging.” If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically when you or your man jerks you off very, very slowly but stops right before you are about to cum. Once you get really good at it, the dick becomes so sensitive that just a touch of the finger is enough to make you start shooting your load. True experts can sometimes make the orgasm happen hands-free! The whole process is good if you want to try something sexual that lasts a long time. The best edging runs up to an hour long or more, causing so much sperm to accumulate over that period, that you can basically expect like a half a cup of man juice by the end.

Boatloads of cum from edging!

The thing that is super hot about edging is that it’s all about resistance. An orgasm usually only lasts a couple seconds, but with edging, you get to experience that so-close-almost-there feeling for as long as you want (I’ve been at that point for like 30 minutes before… fucking amazing).

Finally, for the super extreme adventuresome gay boy superstars out there, you could finish off the night with a little post-orgasm torture. I’ve only done this shit once and it was fucking intense!!! I will stand by this probably for the rest of my life — there is nothing else in the world that is guaranteed to make any man crumple, whine, and moan than when you polish off his knob seconds after he’s had an orgasm. If he tries to say he’s “man enough” to handle it, then tie him up so he’s abandoned all control!

Here’s a little introductory video… I am just cringing watching it! The best part is hearing the poor straight man cry like a baby. WARNING: This video features a naked female (yuck!), but otherwise it’s hot if you just pretend she’s a hot dude.

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